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  1. ok i've sent the sar, what do i do with the information when we get it back?
  2. Who do i send the sar too, the original company or the debt company? Sorry if i am being dumb
  3. Hi DX and others, I'm still struggling as to what to do for the best with this one. This is my partners debt and i really don't want it to go to court and get a ccj. Do the update dates on a credit report mean there has been contact on a debt and reset the the debt from being SB? Should we contact the debt company and make an offer to pay instalments? We only have until 17th of this month before the threat of a court date. This is a joint debt with his wife and it shows her with the debt on his financial associates.
  4. Thanks dx, the ccj is a different deb where do they get these update dates from, does that mean a contact has been made? Do you still think its best to contact the debt company now? Now we have seen the debt is a default on credit report ignoring will not make it come off. How do i now find out if it is SB?
  5. Thankyou On Credit agreement the debt is showed as been settled from lloyds july 2013, i assume that is the debt company buying the debt? There is a start date in 1996, default date 2009, so not SB then an update of july 2013 on the lloyds debt. Debtors have been chasing this debt at my address since 2011. lowell portfolio ltd show the debt defaulted updated oct 2013. On financial associates it lists his wife there along with lowell porfolio ltd updated oct 2013 What do all these updates mean? Des it sound like wife has made contact? It also shows a ccj that he didn't know about registered oct 2008
  6. ok ive done the credit file check and am a bit confused as to what it means. Can you help me with it?
  7. Thanks Brigadier, my partner has never acknowledged debt or made a payment. He's never checked his credit file so will do that now. The debt is for £1500 ish from a joint current account with lloyds. He never had anything to do with the finances, she dealt with it all so he knows little of the account.
  8. Hi everyone, I know this is an old thread but i have an update that i need help with. Over the years this debt has been passed to many debt collectors and solicitors. We have never acknowledged any of the letters or that they have found the right man at my address. Today a letter has arrived from bryan carter solicitors, its not the first correspondence from them but this says that they have been asked by Frederick International ltd on behalf of Lowell financial ltd to issue court proceedings on 17th march. If proceedings are issued, ccj costs etc. If we dispute debt please provide reasons and documents in writing. Is this a serious threat that can no longer be ignored? Also my partner has been with me nearly 4 years now and had not contacted anyone before that regarding this debt so we believe it is either SB or very close. This was a joint account bank charges debt i believe with his wife that originally turned up through my door in both their names. How do we find out how old the debt is without contacting the collectors? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. The man i spoke to was the one who sent me the letter. It says he is an enforcement officer for planning services. He said something like the shed could of measured up to 4 metres as the garden sloped and they had to measure from the base of the platform. The garden is exactly the same as mine and we didn't need to put our shed on a platform. Its just on a concrete patio base. I didn't really take it in as he said owing to my problems and the reason i put up the fence he would not enforce it. He said that if it went pear shaped, he would have to look at things again but for now get on with your life sort of thing.
  10. I don't speak to my neighbour at all and also the council said i can not do anything about his shed. If her does pester the council i will have to report him to someone for watching everything i do.
  11. Council have been in touch and are very sympathetic to my concerns. They have no interest in enforcing me to do anything but will have to look at it again if my neighbour persists. Safe for now Am going to be planting a few conifers though aswell. Thanks for your replies
  12. Thanks for your replies. The platform is probably 1 1/2 feet high at least. He can see into my hallway when i open my back door. Also before i heightened the fence i couldn't shower with the window open as he could see me. At the height it is now i can open the window a little. I had an email off the council saying they would pass my concerns to the officer and he would get back to me with options. That was two days ago and i've heard nothing. Seems a bit funny now that the fence is higher he doesn't need to make so many trips to his shed Thanks Ericsbrother, i am really hoping that he has to lower his shed, then i will lower mine.
  13. I suppose what i really want to know is what the council will say. Have i got an argument with the shed on a platform? Does anyone know or have an experience of such things?
  14. I've just bought a new shed but its on the other side of the garden. I've emailed council and am hoping they listen to my side. I'm not lowering fence for my neighbour to be able to spy on me again
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