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  1. 3 hours ago, ericsbrother said:

    The mortgage co will have to sell the house with a sitting tenant and that means they will get a lower price then for a vacant property.


    VanessaK has posted Nothing about the property repossessed by mortgage company.


    Mortgage company would evict tenants https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/repossession-by-your-landlord-s-mortgage-lender/





  2. The only time a Lender can apply to evict a tenant is If the Lender has Repossessed the Property you live in !


    Only the courts can rule if your AST is invalid and not a Lender, LL/LA.


    So you still have to pay rent and only the LL/LA can serve a s21 notice on you, The Tenant.


    If and when you receive a s21 notice from LL/LA.


    You will need to seek legal advice ASAP from CAB, Shelter, Solicitors or Local law center, taking the notice, tenancy agreement, any relevant paperwork, they will be able to advise you on best way forward and ask them if you can take legal action against the LL/LA for compensation, stress and so on.


    IMHO, At this moment in time I dont think you have a "Cat in Hell's Chance" of getting your 6 months rent back off the LL/LA.


    There is only so much people can advise you on CAG.





  3. So the LL/LA are seeking a possession order, assuming its a s21 notice which has to be 3 months notice due to Covid 19.


    Please read this  http://tiny.cc/q5vboz 


    If the notice was issued correctly and other paper work correct, After Covid 19 crisis is over LL/LA will be granted a possession order, Using No faults s21 ground .


    Your need to ring and arrange an appointment see someone at CAB, Shelter, Solicitors or Local law center, taking the s21 notice, tenancy agreement and any relevant paperwork seeking further legal advice they may be able to advise you on.


    The fact there was no consent to let is not relevant, but you can discuss this when you get further legal advice.


    Sorry to be blunt, but i would start looking for somewhere else to Live.


    Unless somelse on CAG can think of anythink else, there not much else i think you can do.



  4. VanessaK


    As I understand it , Unless the mortgage company have taken possession of the property ?


    They cant evcit you, only the LL/LA can gain a possession order by you serving the correct notices on you and so on.


    Read this http://tiny.cc/5169nz



    Since the end of March this year, All repossession obtained by lenders and possession orders obtained by LL/LA have been stopped for 3 months due to Covid 19 crisis.


    I would advise you strongly to seek legal advice from CAB or Shelter or a Solicitors.


    Also I surgest you stop openning letters by mistake !



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  5. 6 hours ago, honeybee13 said:

    UK government has warned that there will be a further crackdown if people ignore coronavirus advice.


    Think the Government are living in cloud cuckoo land.


    Just How


    Seam to forget that police forces cuts over past 10 year in the whole of UK.


    British armed forces comprises just over 79,300 trained regular full-timers, just over 27,200 trained reserve part-time personnel.


    So Boris how are you going to crack down on population of over 66 million people while the NHS is at breaking point !

  6. Quote

    Press release

    Complete ban on evictions and additional protection for renters

    Government announces radical package of measures to protect renters and landlords affected by coronavirus.





    Above URL keeps redirecting back to CAG !


    Try this URL http://tiny.cc/xzrklz

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