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  1. HI again.


    I think it's going to be and wait see what happens next move by LL, as the local council have been involved hopefully All will be OK !


    The application for a fair rent to be registered should be pretty straightforward and explained to your parents by The Rent Service or ring them up for advice on the application.


    Those New terms LL wants impose on your parents can only be done if there is a signed TA, even then LL would have to go to court to enforce the TA.


    Parents Don't have to sign anything.


    One point LL does have the right to inspect the property under S11, 1985 Housing act with 48 hrs notice in writing, If LL what's to inspect make sure there someone with them when they do so.


    I always have someone with me when my LL wants to inspect the property.


    LL can not just let themselves in, inspections at your parents convenience and not the LL, which bring me to another point.


    Change the Locks if not already done.


    Keep CAG posted.


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  2. Im more worried with NO proper written agreement in place when your parents moved out and back in,  that the LL could try and claim your parents No longer have a protected tenancy under 1977 rent and have a assured shorthold tenancy "AST" and charge Full market rent.


    Can you upload this TA from 1985 in adobe form to forum with personal details blanked out.


    Assuming the property is in E&W your parents should apply for a fair rent to be registered  ASAP




    Repairs to property usal come under S11, 1985 Housing act and LL pays when nothing in a TA saying who carrys repairs out, see beloew url




    Could you please answer this question


    Is the LL who had the work carried out the Ordinal landlord when tenancy 1st started or LL by sale ?




  3. Bonus 77


    Could you please confirm was there a written agreement signed by both parties and witnessed saying your parent would be moved back in after repairs where finished, also in the agreement did it say what work was going to be carried out and paid for by who, was this agreement in place before your parent moved out ?


    Is the LL who had the work carried out the Ordinal landlord when tenancy 1st started or LL by sale ?


    Have your parent ever signed written a TA ?


    Assuming the property is in E&W, is there a fair rent registered under 1977 Rent act and does it show up online by entering parents postcode in the below link ?




    Thank you in advance






    Sorry, please use this url below




    For fair rent register, Thanks...




  4. Npower 








    British Gas 








    Scottish Power 












    Urls take you to utilities suppliers





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  5. 12 hours ago, RachelJones001 said:

    "If the tenant is 3 weeks late with rent the Landlord can enter and reclaim the house". 



    If a LL/LA evicted  a tenant using that invalid clause, it would be Criminal offence and is up to TWO years in prison fines or both, plus the tenant can sue for damages in the County court for illegal eviction !


    Rent arrears read below url



  6. Bonus77


    Legal advice is the best way forward, from Shelter, CAB, Solicitor, local law centre, local council housing department.


    Your mother has a Regulated tenancy "Protected" governed by 1977 rent act, which is the same type of tenancy I have myself.


    Moving out would be a very bad move don't do it, LL could refuse to move mother back in loosing her rights under 1977 rent act.


    The links in post #2 are incorrect and cover tenancy under 1988 Housing act , A LL cannot just increase the rent they would have to fill out form RR1 available from VOA office, any rent increase would be very small and Nowhere near market rates.


    Click on below url.





    I don't think the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 covers a Protected tenancy, this would have to be checked out ?


    Feel free to ask any more questions


  7. All this hassle could have been avoided by using the payment methods as I posted on 21st, #4, But I suspect we have not been told the full story !


    You don't need to ring eBay up at.


    All you needed is the sellers Email which would be logged in the ordinary payment and very easy to find out by logging into PayPal or the Purchaser Email account.




    Sorry, I mean there No need to ring eBay/PayPal up at all.


    All could have been done on line...

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