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    A Bill aimed at banishing the no-pet clause for rented homes has had its first reading in the Commons with cross-party support.

    Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill aims to give tenants the right to live with their pet – provided they can prove they are responsible and caring


    Read on






  2. You need to be very carefully want you sign or agree to !


    I'm afraid 11 years won't make any difference when it comes to AST https://tinyurl.com/yylxnpmc


    Rent increase https://tinyurl.com/y3xhgtsb


    If they want the property back using s21 notice read on https://tinyurl.com/ycmqz9ds


    or s8 notice read on https://tinyurl.com/ydhejzrk


    Links take you to shelter website assuming you live in E&W.

  3. 2 hours ago, wannagetadvice said:

    What a relief to get your message, thank you all so much for your responses, so very much appreciated, thank you 


    Don't just sign or agree to anything.


    You need to be careful and not sign anything until you fully read a new TA making sure they're not  a "break clause" in it.


    "A break clause is a term in the tenancy agreement that gives the landlord and/or tenant the right to end a fixed term tenancy before the expiry of the fixed term period"



  4. The problem is nuisance/ spoof calls could be coming from the UK or anywhere around the world ?


    They are tricking caller display into showing number from "Example" 0161 123 4567" Manchester number, but the call can ordinate from the other side of the world. 


    BT and Ofcom are aware of this problem, but they are  not having much success in finding a solution as most these calls come from overseas and are outside the EU.


    Another trick these scammers are using is, they have software set up on a computer that would dial every phone number Possible.


    A computer with dial the code "Example" 0121 200 then dialling every number range from 0001 to 9999, then every time some answer call a operator is alerted, this is how scammers are even getting through to ex directory number.


    Same with mobiles, a computer with dial the code "Example" 07661 then dialling every number range from 500000 to 599999.


    Scammers are also using VOIP to make All these calls for very little cost to them or even free.







  5. 4 hours ago, dreadpiratesteve said:


    I queried the possibility of moving onto a periodic tenancy to which their response was this is not possible, only to resign my tenancy for 6 or 12 months or vacate the property.



    They are Wrong.


    Typical letting agent don't have a clue !


    The tenancy becomes periodic tenancy at the end of the fixed term  by law regardless of what a LA/LL say,  you do not have to sign another TA.


    How to end a periodic tenancy, below url take you to shelters website






  6. 1 hour ago, Andyorch said:

    Yes I appreciate that......but you will be at stalemate if you dont seek elsewhere...the Council have a duty to re home you ..you must keep trying...every hour on the hour....or get a friend to take you to their offices. 

    If only it was that simple.


    There no duty on councils when it comes to rent arrears, most councils won't even look at cases for rent arrears re S8.


    OP has said they disabled/suffered financial abuse from ex partner, the best the OP could hope for is maybe bed and breakfast while on a waiting list for a new home or looking for one.


    Regarding repossession of the property this could be anything from 6 months to a year maybe longer, No one really knows


    AdrenalCortex , you need to read the link as post two and start preparing for the eviction....

  7. So LL got their 1st and applied for a fair rent to be registered !


    The rent may go up or down once the rent officer made their decision, Both parties have the right to appeal rent officer decision if you disagree, I'm not going into the appeal process.


    Repairs to property usual come under s11, 1985 Housing act if their a Dispute.


    Question 1, Yes Tenant should be present when RO visits, you should be there with your mum too and you don't have to have LL  present while RO visit.


    Question 2, No, Just let RO see it for themselves, let the council deal with disrepair issues.


    Question 3, discuss that with the council.


    Question 4, 5, 6,  s11, 1985 Housing act, discuss that with the council.


    Question 7, LL is giving 24hrs notice which is the correct way of going about it, change the locks if LL is just letting themselves in.




    There is only so much I or any else on CAG can advise you on, In the end you will need independent legal advice...






  8. 1 hour ago, TenantJustice said:

    has the same powers as any other debt collector.





    DCA "debt collector" have Zero powers.


    Ignore them if they contact you, don't speak to them, don't contact them, don't write or Email them.


    Insurance company, Ignore them if they contact you, don't speak to them, don't contact them, don't write or Email them.


    Pay your Rent as per your written tenancy agreement.


    My apologies in advance and sorry to be blunt.


    Stop worrying about the insurance company, Forget about them ...




    As you been issued a s21 notice, I would start looking for somewhere else to live ASAP.


    Good Luck





  9. Assuming you Not signed a new tenancy agreement since or signed any other documents that's who you pay the rent to letting agency.


    Insurance company have No rights over your tenancy.


    This would only change if you agreed to sign a new TA and stated you have to pay rent to an Insurance company.


    As I said early your under No legal obligation to sign a new TA or any other documents....




  10. TenantJustice


    Could you please answer these questions as per post #20


    You pay rent as stated in your written tenancy agreement, in the TA who does it say you have to pay rent to ?


    To change that you would have to sign a new TA which your under No legal obligation to sign.


    Who are you worried about entering your property ?


    Thank you in advance....



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