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  1. Stop worrying about bailiffs and read what dx100uk has posted ..........................................................
  2. dx100uk unclebulgaria67 OP is on UC. Could the council apply for weekly amounts to be deducted from UC claim ?
  3. Email too long..........Bit late know Dear LL I have no problem showing joe blogs around on .. .. .. All I ask is hand sanitizers be used before entry, facemasks be worn by everyone at all times, 2-meter distance be kept and all windows kept open during visit. joe blogs Will be supervised at all times by myself during the visit. Yours Sincerely
  4. Mia F It's your home. If you are happy showing whoever around tell the LL/LA subject to Covid-19 rules so on. But you Will not be allowing unsupervised visits to your home by any strangers. If LL/LA/surveyor are unhappy with that. That's their problem not yours. Good luck, keep us all updated on CAG
  5. I would think by the time a formal complaint was dealt with, your penalty notice would have gone up another £100 even more when it gets to court !
  6. From searching online You have to go to court and fight your case in the magistrate court Get legal advice from CAB or Solicitor Apologies if I got it wrong. http://tiny.cc/1o7mtz ...
  7. AdriHD What does in say in your tenancy agreement about paying bills ? Whose name are these bills in ?
  8. Do you remember your KFC not read the whole thread, but maybe it's something to do with that ?
  9. Has your mobile phone got adequate internet security for antivirus and malware ? Your mobile could be vulnerable to malicious software and steal All your details It does happen, any device that connects to the internet is vulnerable to online threats, and that includes your smartphone or tablet. Using UN secure Wi-Fi could be another way to steal your details that way. Free and paid for here http://tiny.cc/882etz
  10. Virgin They make it So easy to sign up They make So difficult to leave Writing pen to paper may work Good luck, keep CAG posted.
  11. Beans57 Welcome to the Mad house 45002...
  12. Blimey, what a worry hope you get it sorted. Here is a similar story here delivered somewhere else https://tinyurl.com/y2pzq4g9 ...
  13. So they only sent you the NOSP/NTQ via email to date ! Its good you're seeing a solicitor who can answer all your question, keep us posted on CAG.
  14. Bump again and Good news The government confirmed it was extending the WHD, which had been due to expire in March next year, until 2026 Read on https://tinyurl.com/y4q3ndfg
  15. LL would have Absolutely no chance of getting the smart meter changed back.....
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