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  1. Taking out a hire purchase agreement means that the goods you have in your possession are in principle, hired until the payment for the goods have been settled at which time you will be classed as the owner of the goods. If you fail to keep up repayments, it is possible that you will be facing repossession of those goods. A lender can take legal action against you for the arrears you owe but they cannot enter your premises to repossess these goods without your consent, they must first apply to the court for a repossession order. Before a creditor can take any further action, yo
  2. BBC NEWS | Business | Market Data | Shares | London | HBOS And do i feel sorry for them, not a chance in hell, the same way they have felt sorry for all the customers they have applied charges to.
  3. That's for sure, and Fredrickson,Cyclone assets etc etc, i'm sure the OFT will dig up a can of worms. And i still have loads of letters from all of them :D
  4. I'm sure Curlyben will now come up with a template for the DCA's, that will steer them in the directions of the Governments latest response to Debt collection :D Curlyben i leave it in your hands
  5. It's gotta be time to copy and paste the petition, and forward it to all DCA's VIA EMAIL ...
  6. Debtcollection - epetition reply 29 February 2008 We received a petition asking: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce legislation to give better protection from harrassment by Debt Collection Agencies." Details of Petition: "Debt Collection Agencies are increasingly targeting people for debts that they do not owe or dispute, which calls into question their tracing and data sharing procedures. Little or nothing can be done to deter the harrassment caused by them telephoning day and night, and a constant stream of pointless letters. People avoidi
  7. This person also sorted my problems out within the hour,and gave me compensation no messing.
  8. In order to claim the allowance you said you could only walk with difficulty, you needed crutches and a wheelchair. You also said you needed help with your personal toilet. when he admitted joining the running club and agreed that by doing so there was a " massive change" in his circumstances He also admitted he didn't deserve benefits He does concede that what he did was wrong So to continue to get the allowance, he did himself con the tax payer,and medics of fake ilnessess.
  9. Still a good discussion
  10. (The court heard that Appleby, a former coal miner, made a legitimate claim for disability living allowance in March 1994, when he was forced to give up work with a back injury.) Now on the basis that it quite clearly states that in 1994, a legit claim was made, obviously the guidelines were followed at that time by the medical examiners,so your theory above is null and void. With regards to your remark about our tax paying for these medics,yes that's true,it's also true that our same taxes has paid out over the years to fund the above gentleman:rolleyes:
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