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  1. Please could someone claify to me how much detail I should include on the form 6.5 witness statement. I have typed up 4 pages of detail which includes extracts re: default notices and CCA 1974, OFT guidelines etc. Do I just include a brief outline for my reasons to set aside on the form and attach an appedix explaining in more detail or just include the whole lot attached to to witness statement form? I have copy letters to attach which I assume I can refer to extrat A,B etc. Thanks
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?278958-Halifax-havn-t-fully-complied-with-cca-request-what-do-I-do-now Link to my earlier thread regarding CCA request for this account
  3. Hi, I received a SD on Saturday evening (12th) although the SD and accompanying letter were dated at the end of September. It was pushed through my letterbox having answered the door with my young children when it was dark and raining outside. I didn't confirm who I was and he didn't tell me what he wanted but said he was here on behalf of the solicitors on the letter. I said I wasn't willing to discuss anything on the doorstep and shut the door. He posted it 10 mins later. Back in September 2010 I had an issue with the original creditor over adding a late payment charge and over limit
  4. THanks for the reply, sorry to be a pain but how do I go about that - is there a letter template or is it a simple letter saying thankyou for the termination of the account I accept it. To put the account in dispute would that go in the same letter and what should I put. I want to make sure I get it right but don't want to give away any vital info to them that may go against me. Thanks
  5. Just an update. Further to my post #45 - the second DN gave me until the 9th Nov to remedy, however, I have received a letter dated the 7th Nov stating I failed to pay up by the date in the DN so they have ended my agreement & it will now be passed to debt collectors, all this after I sent an account in dispute letter which they responded to as per my earlier post stating that it isn't in dispute as far as they're concerned. What now? Should I just wait & see?
  6. Just a quick update on things - I received a reply from Halifax who have basically said they have complied with my resquest and fulfilled their obligations (details of acts & sections etc all included in their letter). Ended the letter saying the argreement is enforcable & will continue to treat it as such & for the avoidance of doubt the CCA 1974 does allow for collection activity even if an account is in dispute. On the same day I received the above letter I also received another default notice. The first one gave me to the 26th to make payment & the one I've just receiv
  7. Not sure if I've posted this in the right section (sorry). I justed wanted to ask if anyone had any thoughts on if the Halifax overdraft charges of £1 per day could possibly fall into the 'Unfair Relationship Test'. I don't really know much about this but have read up on the Nation Debt Line website about a Time Order & it mentioned something about the Unfair relationship test. Also, can an overdraft be eligible for a time order application. I have only just read up on this so sorry if it's a bit jumbled & vague. Also, does anyone know if the Halifax are allowed to take
  8. Can anyone help with the end of my 'account in dispute' letter. I have copied this from the bottom of one I've found on this forum "Since the agreement is unenforceable it would be in everyone’s interest to consider the matter closed and to write the debt off. I suggest you give serious consideration to this as any attempt of litigation will be vigorously defended and I will counter claim for all quantifiable damages". I'm not sure if this is acceptable to put, is it? Basically my letter says the document they've sent doesn't contain any of the prescribed terms etc with details
  9. Hi, The said branch would be my nearest one, there is nothing on the reverse. The cover letter states below: "...the prescribed terms of the agreement would have been validly incorporated into the agreement on the reverse of the enclosed sheet or a separate attached sheet. By providing the documents attached to this letter we have satisfied our obligation to provide a copy of the exectuted agreement..." The copy I've posted is all I've received.
  10. I'm not sure. The date showing on the form is 3 weeks after I got back off honeymoon & it's a Thursday - I would have been at work 9am - 5pm out of town so no way could have been in branch that date & I'm pretty sure after 3 weeks off I wouldn't have had a holiday day & I'm do remember saving up my holidays so I could take 3 weeks off when I got married so I wouldn't have had any days left to take.
  11. Hopefully this will work You can see where I've covered over personal info but I've left the year showing in the signature box so you can see how it's been altered
  12. Just an update, things are getting a bit strange now. I today received a letter from Halifax enclosing a copy of the original signed application form! They go on to say the prescribed terms of the agreement would have been validly incorporated into the agreement on the reverse of the enclosed sheet or a separate attached sheet. By providing the documents attached to this letter we have satisfied our obligation to provide a copy of the exectuted agreement.... The photocopied sheet is headed Credit Card Application and contains my name, address, DOB, employment title & salary
  13. Yes, the one supposed to be the current one is identical, the one supposed to be the original is almost the same except there are fewer points in the whole thing and there is nothing on the first page with the amounts about total charge for credit being £xx etc.
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