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  1. Thanks Should have done that really Thinking of just moving down here permanently, Nothing changed thought thats what I don't understand, I'm still looking for work, I'm sill available for work I told Hunts before I left that i was looking for work in London and London only !!! Why do they find things to pick at and make any excuse to stop payments?! Can i get help with council tax? The snooty woman on the phone didn't say I could get help with council tax, Mind you - with government - if you don't ask you don't get..
  2. On the 30/01/11 I came to London to stay with my boyfriend until 21/02/11 (As it's Valentines day, My birthday and London Fashion Week) - Tuesday I was given the run around by 4 different Job Centre offices/Departments because I was trying to tell them that I was in London for an interview and I'd like to sign on at my local Job Centre.. Baring in mind i told my local job centre (Huntingdon) about me looking for work in London a few weeks before. They said That was fine and I could sign on at Palmers Green on Wednesday (yesterday), So i went to palmers green and they where asking loads of questions about where i am staying and who with and for how long and what job the interview was for and who with and where, So i told them and they seemed happy with the information I'd given them. They said they will fax it over to Huntingdon. Today I received a phone call from Huntingdon job centre saying they where not happy with the EF90 form as they has issued me one before (last month when huntingdon told me i was due to sign on but i actually I wasn't due to sign on, although Palmers Green manager said I could come back again and sign on) they said they are not paying me until i return back to huntingdon (I won't know if i have got the job until sat), I said I can't come back to hunts anytime soon if they don't give me my money as I am broke. she said thats not their problem. She said I can do a transfer to sign on at Palmers Green permanently, but I can't move to London until i get a job as I need to sort out Council tax and bills... WHat planet are they on?! What can I do I need help !
  3. The woman on the phone told me they are unable to refund bank charges to someone who is receiving Job Seekers Allowance, baring in mind I only get £30 a week and the bank charge was 2x £15. They told me today I have a £15 fee but they said they would cancel that on and then she said I'll have another one for £20 cos my account it overdrawn by 52p baring in mind they are the reason it's overdrawn.. I told them I get JSA on monday, she said it's more than likely to get the £20 fee but she said i could phone them up and they may be able to refund it in joint with the £15 one they refunded today. How do i go on about getting my £30 back She said i don't fit the criteria.. Hmmm :evil:
  4. No, I Don't sell anything on eBay.. it's nationwide's fault for not updating my online banking frequently, i brought a few things of eBay knowing I had enough funds as it clearly stated on my balance from nationwide that I had enough money, then they turn around and say there wasn't enough funds, Regardless to that it doesn't matter what I wanna know is how do i go about getting the charges back as it's money from the government for me to live on
  5. Ok so I have just had a week in London, And today I have checked my bank account and it says -£0.52, I then saw that they took out £30 'Interest charge' on friday, i phoned them up saying that I didn't understand why because I never received any letter or notification that I had ever had a bounced direct debit, she told me it was for two failed direct debits from Paypal one for £2.59 and one for £2.99, I told her i don't understand as i never got a warning about the funds being taken out and she didn't really seem to be bothered to explain why, I receive £60 every 2 weeks under hardship JSA, which is 40% less than normal JSA, I asked her if there is any way if getting the charges back as I desperately need that money to live on and she said unfortunately not. I asked if I will get another fee for going overdrawn 52p she said I may get a £20 overdrawn fee next month which she said if i phone up again I could get that refunded. WHat can I do? i have no money until next monday and I don't know what to do! Please help
  6. Just phoned them up, bswitch board put me through to cambridge's office but they said it should be ok aslong as i am looking for work in london i can sign on at my local office, fill in a form and then they will fax it through to Huntingdon, Just need to wait for huntingdon to phone me to say yes and what time i can go to my nearest office. Thanks guys! ------UPDATE------ Just received a phone call back from them, they said they are willing to let me sign on at Palmers Green this time only, If i am here again and I would like to sign on at Palmers Green again they said they would have to transfer me permently. Well atleast it saves me £50 train fare tomorrow!
  7. I am going to ring them now!! trying their local nmber instead of their 0845.. if i can't get through ont hie rlocal number I'll just pop down to the local job centre here and use their phone!!.. I did appeal but they still stopped it until i applied for hardship, The whole system is a joke but what can you do?
  8. ok so if i phone them and just ask if it's possible to sign at another job centre plus, i have my book and stuff with me, They will be able to do it that way? cheers for the help!
  9. I'm only here until friday so it is worth it?? the nearest job centre is half hour away Hmmmm
  10. Also guys, I've just been reading about weekly signings on here and people are saying after 6 months you get put on weekly signings for 6 weeks, I have been on weekly signings now for 2/3 months, is this right? I can't remember the last time i signed on every 2 weeks !!
  11. Ok so!.. Here goes, I am due to sign on this wednesday (even though it's not my sign in week) I have been signing on for around 7 months now, I am in london staying with the other half and for me to go back to huntingdon to sign on then come back again would cost £44 in train fairs.. Although I am not at home in huntingdon I am applying for jobs in and around London as there is no jobs what soever in huntingdon!.. I told them that iw as applying for jobs in london but they didn't really have much to say!, They told me a few weeks ago that I'd not be signing on this week as It would return back to every 2 weeks but this isnt the case I am only recieveing £30 a week under the hardship scheme as they stopped my JSA for a while because I didn't apply for a job that was printed out even though it was the wrong type of work and they didn't inform me that i HAD to afree to apply for everything they print out and give to me Shall i tell them the truth or will they just stop my claim or say it's my fault i should waste £44 when i only get £60 every 2 weeks Once i get a job in london I can move here full time but until then It's gonna be hard What you think?
  12. Well I just phoned their customer services in india... after explaining over 4 times what my problem was he looked at it and he said it gets reset every month, then he bisically called me a LIAR!!.. =/, How can I use 500MB of internet allowance and over 1,000 texts in 19 days.. =/ He said it will get reset again on 25th dec... Although I'm not holding my breath :S
  13. I've had my contract for 4 months now and they have only reset my minutes, not my internet/texts or 3 to 3 calls. I usually get 500 MB a month, I am down to 7MB because they haven't reset it in 4 months, My texts are 5,000 i have 4,202 left so that's not bad, but what I wan to know is if they r breaking the contract by not giving me whats stated within the contract?? Should I complain?? Cheers
  14. When you apply for a mobile contract, you are agreeing to pay so much per month say £25 for 24 months, that's £600 that you are commiting/promising to pay back in 24 months, I believe this is regarded as 'Credit', plus you agree to pay back what you use on top of the agree'd amount.. and if you don't pay it back the same happens as would you fail to pay back a loan or credit card... That's how I understand it anyway At the end of the day it's still credit
  15. http://www.creditscore.org.uk/node/9 "What most people don't realise is that a mobile phone contract is infact a credit agreement, and as such is applied for and considered in the same way a credit card application would be - with the same implications for your credit score." I'll go back to my own little world now
  16. have you received a letter stating you are being investigated?? lol
  17. Just received a phone call from the Job Centre, the kind lady on the other end told me that it WAS THEIR FAULT.. They never explained to me all the terms in the agreement, and that it was never made clear that I have to apply for all the jobs given to me. She has sent me out a letter today which i have to sign and send back asap
  18. How can they get away with this? Surely they must know that we know over half the jobs they advertise are duds, they can't think we're THAT stupid, can they??
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8580519.stm
  20. So, If i tell them i tried to ring and e-mail but no joy then they will know i tried to apply? rather then telling them i phoned up and they said the position was filled blah blah blah How slyyy
  21. do you have to live my yourself to be able to collect CWP?? lol or be a curtain age?
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