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  1. Hi All I wonder if anybody can help me, I feel as though I am getting somewhat legally bogged down. On the 15 July 2008 I was declared BR and on the 15 July 2009 I was discharged. I decided once discharged that I would try and clean up my credit file, what I noticed was that on 19 December 2008 Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd had defaulted my credit file. I knew that it was not possible to place a default on an account after I was declared bankrupt and so contact the Data Controller and asked them to remove the default. I never receiving a reply from them so contacted the Credit Reference Agencies and asked for another copy of my files. What I found was that Littlewoods had changed the missed payment history to status 8 marked my account as satisfied but more inportantly moved the date of my default from 19th December 2008, to 15th July 2008 the date of my BR. My question is, are the legally allowed to change the date of a default to suit themselves? Doesn't legal payment need to be issued to me in order for a default to stand, surely they cannot just change the date. What are my chances of ever having this default removed? Any advice would be most appreciated. Cheers Mark
  2. Hi All Thanks for your advice, I will certainly take it on board. Rory to answer you questions 1) No I was not going to defend the claim, What the summons does say is that they are claiming 775.15 with interest on that at 22.44% from Feb 2007 together with expenses on bringing the action. 2) I hope to eventually go back to work but I don't know when. 3) My Debts are made up of credit cards and loans over the last 3 years. I was told that the court would only accept the payments spread over 12 - 18 months max, is this correct. That would make my payments at over 40 pound per month depending how much the charges are. Thanks again for your assistance with my predicament, if you have any other questions please ask away Best wishes madmarkym
  3. Hi All Several weeks ago I received a Court summons for a 774 pound debt with HFC Bank. I am a resident of Scotland and I do understand the law is slightly different here than in England. My total debts are in excess of 10,000 pound and I have not paid any of these debts for some time now, due to losing my job on medical grounds. I am married but separated, I live in rented accommodation and I currently receive Income support + DLA (Disability Living Allowance). I have been lead to believe that if I was to go bankrupt now it will last for three years, if I go bankrupt after April the law in Scotland changes and I would be bankrupt for year. If I was to try and pay the debt off how long would the court give me clear it? Do I try and make payments until after april then stop them and go bankrupt at that point? Or would I be best trying to pay the whole debt off and deal with each debt as any action is taken against me? I am very stressed trying to work out what is best I have got about 2 weeks to make my decision. If anyone can give me any advice it would be most appreciated. Thanks Mark
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