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  1. Hi RMD Congratulations! Did you have a claim in court or did you go through the FOS? Thanks
  2. You will not persuade enough people to move their accounts to make it work. You'll be lucky to get half a dozen people to do it. It has no prospect of success whatsoever.This is not a credible or constructive idea. It is a naive fantasy and that makes you a fool.
  3. Hilltop News Circulation: 12 World exclusive! Local bloke calls Scottish bloke 'evasive' A local man has stunned the world by accusing a Glasgow solicitor of ''ducking and diving''. The man said ''He's been evasive''. The solicitor said ''No I haven't''. Err...that's it. On other pages: * Pope calls for ''calm'': p 2-31 * PM announces 'state of emergency': p 32-48 * International reaction: p 49-84
  4. If you'd like to engage in polite conversation then perhaps a good start would be to explain to your 180000 users, many of whom are desperate to know the likelihood of thier stayed claims being able to procceed this decade or not, that attempting - abysmally - to justify Bookworm's fax pas to me is more important than telling them the truth.
  5. He's talking about the RESIDUE! Just how bright are you?
  6. The OFT did not write to the Master of the Rolls. And nor did the FSA for that matter.
  7. I simply don't understand this. Have you or this site made ANY serious attempt to have your voice heard? Or do you expect the OFT to trawl the internet looking for people they think might want to speak to them?
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