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  1. There is a bunch of stuff from them regarding purchased debts going back years the majority of which are nearing the magical 6 year mark. I have never acknowledged anything with them and have ignored, but saved, every letter they have wasted their time sending me.
  2. Interesting. I have checked my credit report and see that Lowells have been searching regularly. In fact there are 16 searches by them (4 of which were on the same day!) in the last 10 months.
  3. Thanks for that. As for assetts .....none except an elderly car. Other liabilities .....say £30K. These are on my credit file so if they have done their homework they will be aware. Might sit it out and see what comes of it. If court action starts I will enter a full defence and refer to the other liabilities perhaps?
  4. Got a letter from the building society Jan 2007 chasing this saying they would accept any proposal. Ignored it. Nothing then until January 2008 when I received exactly the same letter. Again ignored it now the letter from the solicitors arrives.
  5. Hi All, House repossessed around 3 years ago. Sale price more or less covered the outstanding mortgage. Received a letter from solicitors the other day trying to claim nearly £11,000 for what they describe as a loss following the sale. Various dubious items included but the bulk is £7,000 interest. What are the prospects of them actually starting a court action to try and recover this?
  6. I must have been lucky with their random "discounts". Mine was for 70% which I think they repeated about three times. They really are a crap outfit.
  7. I think this scrappy outfit are known as "tertiary" debt collectors or collectors of the impossible. I received the raft of letters, including the one like yours, and ignored the lot. They did send out one of their plods to knock on the door on 3 occasions despite my sending the "don't bother" letter. After that things went quiet but they seem to have started all over again .....deep joy. Watch out for the Knipe Smith solicitors letter, CSL are simply using their letterhead!
  8. Thought I would put my two penneth in. Credit Security Ltd Cheap, tacky and thoroughly unprofessional.
  9. Credit Security Ltd for ignoring my letter stating I had no intention of entertaining any doorstep calls yet their agent came knocking 3 times (all ignored). Relentless calls to a mobile number (all ignored) now calls to work. Letter regarding calls now sent. Lets see if these muppets can understand it!
  10. Talking of this bunch of hapless scrotes, has anyone else received their all new credit card type statement. This states it is a pre-requisite of the company who hold a signed CCA and not them and will be sent on an annual basis until the balance is zero. What a load of c**p.
  11. The letter you have received will not have come from Horwich Farrelly who are a genuine firm of solicitors and not part of RobWay. RobWay simply use their letterhead in the hope of making you believe the letter is from Horwich Farrelly. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
  12. Hi All, Received a "pre-enforcement" letter from bailiffs for an old OS council tax. Was paying the council directly but had to stop for a while because my wifes working hours had been reduced by 50%. Wrote to the bailiffs and offered to pay the full amount claimed (including I presume statutory charges) in 6 equal installments. Received a letter back saying I must pay in 3 installments which I quite simply cannot. Can I stand fast with the offer I made which I can afford?
  13. Have had similar 50% & the like from other DCA's. Sought advice on this forum and was told that if you agree to it they take your cash and then sell on the remaining 50% to other DCA's who start all over again with you.
  14. I had the same runaround. AIC first then Apex then Robway. I ignored the lot of them.
  15. Think Lowells owned it. Usual 50% "discount", etc. Noticed on a Fredrickson letter head "Brand/Product: Lowell" so I wonder if they have taken a tranche off them?
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