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  1. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone would be able to offer advice on the following situation as I am really worried and not sure if I have any rights here? I was working for Orange up until september when I finished my employment in the appropriate way- notice in writing etc. and recieved my last pay cheque which seemed to be for a normal amount...havn't heard anything from Orange since other than my P45. However, today I had a voicemail from an unidentified company asking me to call tham regarding debt collection...I called and they told me they were a debt collection agency called NCO and that I owed them over £600 because Orange had overpaid me back in September and they had transferred the debt to them! They told me that if I don't pay this within 7 days they will send someone round to take my stuff from my home!! However I have had no written correspondance from either Orange or this company to inform me of this and yet the guy wanted payment over the phone immediately....I told him this was never going to happen and asked for written confirmation, and the guy then started asking me how much I could afford to pay now...when I enquired what the minimum amount would be he said 'erm lets say...£20?' like he'd plucked the figure from thin air...... Sorry, is a bit of a rant I know but I'm really worried about this as I'm now a student and there is no way I can afford to pay this at present, and besides I'm quite wary about making a payment over the phone to a person who could be anyone!! Can anyone offer any advice or else point me in the direction of someone who can? Can they really just take my things like that without warning?!! Any advice would be appreciated, thankyou!
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