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  1. What is a deemed contract in electrical and gas A tenant moves into a property has automatically moves into a property has entered into a deemed contract . So then has the option to register with the current supplier is this right ?
  2. so i wonder who's property it actually belongs to
  3. yeah i shal fill em both in and send them off and then i suppose the court would see i've attempted something i guess I thank you for that info and shall let you know how i get on
  4. Hiya Im looking on the site now and also at the n244 one for the application of stay
  5. Hi In relation to your comments i will not take offense and will not enter into frivolous communication i can only mention facts from my own case which is the truth my friend your comments have been duly noted accordingly lol yes you may know what the fine was for it was some private school fees £398 in fact which myself agreed to pay it £50.00 per month with the office staff not a problem then i lost my job so asked if we could pay little bit less then the fiance manager well the accountant gave all hell demanding we pay £100 per month i explained to her but was not listening so then after a few letters back and forth she entered a money claim online so i admitted the debt online and contested the jurisdiction of the court as i wanted a hearing to explain to the court my side of it so after many letters with the northampton county court bulk centre they then passed it on to birmingham civil justice centre for enforcement so i know the bailff likes to imtimidate the first one who came i actually spoke with him to state no persons living here as the courts was not listening to me the bailff was actuall gob smacked when i shown him some information on that day but i still did not give my details so then today i get another letter of the fine even though i filed a application for a hearing and protection from harrasment and other forms i still get a visit so explain that . and the police only deal with criminal law and is against my nature to harm anybody yet i'm sure this is injustice and when we are suppose to be all equal so wheres the harm something is owed yes ok i've not disputed it but really on benefits £64.30 per week with a family to pay £75.00 per month is not going to happen some how i offered £2.00 per week before but they refused it aswell so may be i offered to much then so maybe i should offer £1.00 per week as a good will or some thing
  6. Hi so who owns the actual meters at your property as the energy company is the supplier is it the grid
  7. er mcould be wrong i think this falls under the esa employment support allowance as for the dwp etc i can not comment only in my case and thats is they are a law to them self some good websites through google and erica on here she's got some little tips and others
  8. Whai would like to know is the following . after checking the hmrc website to check if the bailff is certificated they was not on the list. so i contacted the bailiff direct witholding my number and not telling him my name asked him he said civil servants do not need to be. He asked my name i declined his offer ( for security reasons ) and actually said i obscene words cheeky git i laughed and i did state i was a third party and speaking with him peacfully human to human after then he seen sense blimey that's a first . I've seen how these people trying to extort money and i have even contested the court jurisdiction and got rid of the first bailiff after speaking with him shame i missed this one today would of liked to spoke with him directly to film him . I'm making apllications again as the court failed to give me a hearing to vary the payment of £75.00 i need to amend it lower as being on benefits. The courts are not even listening neither is the citizens advice and i'm not sure what type of law this now fall's under to get a solicitor as most of these deal with criminal law . any suggestions i read aswell under the bill of rights about fines are illiegal until conviction so what is going on ,
  9. no way legally qualified myself couldnt you send them some notices etc like those on other websites and stuff
  10. so just a form of id is more than enough to show someone they are working for a company
  11. Does every bailiff need to be certificated by law i know about the hmrc site to check if the bailiff is certificated ? Also if the bailiff is not certificated what happens from then on ? The bailiff needs proof of who the person is they are after don't they ?
  12. Hello tomtubby Thank you for your reply have filled them in a will send my partner to the court in person to deliver these 1st thing in the morning also can the court charge that fee extra on top of the debt to the nursery ?
  13. Myself and my partner owe a nursery some fees it was agreed we pay £50 per month on a verbal contract after my partner lost his job we explained we could not afford the £50 per month any more and to offer less the management was not happy nor was the accountant even thou the nursery is private and they are wealthy but still we offered and they refused then a money claim online came in only my partners name so he filled it in as you do . then he complained to norhampton county court then they transferred to birmingham county court then he had a letter and the cheeky sods put an extra £135.00 on top of the original debt was £363 what a bare faced cheek if i wanted to extort money i'd set up in these offices they want him to pay the whole amount by 27th jan 2010 now he has read many websites and he does not intend to let them in or even get over the fence at all he said resonable force and he will use it whilst he is a peaceful lovely young man i personally think the court will try anything he said he will go to the court to appeal the decision and to issue a statuary declaration and affidavit and notices and serve them to the office just wonderd if this is the right procedure really
  14. too right appeal it have a look on here and other sites sernd them a love letter or something :0
  15. in reply to boswell comments i agree on some points yes I believe people are on benefits for what ever reason to be honest i'm not one sided or the other but being out of work is no fun either now i'm an electrician out of work and have offered to work for free within reason travel costs are paid etc that kind of thing yet i can not get work anywhere to be honest I speak to hundreds of people a day in the same boat of me And in response to gixser blimey i can only think of what your going through obvioulsy i can not comment on people in authority as i can only speak on what i have encounted for myself like you have with yourself i feel for you i'm in the same situation myself to be honest and i ask myself everyday something is not right somewhere and even the offices now it and yet some won't do fart all about it either but some will but to frightened to stand up never mind thier job or what ever i ask myself where do we draw the line with this is it now or when it is 2 late
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