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  1. Goodfriday When you're dealing with people who are habitually deceitful, to the point they've lost any real sense of truthfulness & reality, you simply won't get anywhere relying on them to record phone calls that exonerate you and incriminate them should there be a dispute. You need THE FACTS laid out in black in white - unfortunately, without this it's all "I said, they said, we agreed, no we didn't agree". Do you have any discussions about this matter with them in writing at all? You need to issue your mortgage lender with a SARN to get copies of all your up to date statement
  2. Hi Apple Whilst much of what you've said about the Tellinger matter is on point, you've clearly not grasped, at all, the real issues he was seeking to argue. He did not lose because the issues had no grounds or no hope of winning etc he lost because the issues raised were not even examined in any detail by the court at all but dismissed out of hand. This is almost always the case and is the issue with his line of argument unless specific proof of the allegations can be brought into the court. As I've previously said, please review the websites I pointed to earlier or Google those c
  3. Hi DDW What type of debt is this and what items did you reclaim? Did they pay you the money direct? Also, when you reclaimed, was the amount claimed not offset against any existing balance the lender claimed you owed already?
  4. This may seem easily said but if you Google the phrase 'promissory note' and look up concepts such as 'money as debt' and 'banking fraud' you'll see what I mean. This is one of those scenarios where the truth is certainly stranger than fiction.
  5. Hi Apple I agree with much of what you've said. But I'm not sure you've fully grasped the issue at hand nor what Tellinger's trying to achieve. I think you're right in that his defence was lacking LEGAL content i.e. the application of Statute Law. However the real issue goes far beyond the Bank of England (or any other Central Bank) 'creating' money by adding zeros into special entries on a computer somewhere. I agree that all of that is LEGAL (if not lawful???) so long as a country's legislature has enacted the laws to allow it to be done. What Tellinger is saying pertains to the activ
  6. Why the change in tone, Apple? In post #326 you were of the view that Tellinger had little or no merit to stop repossessions etc? Btw, I heard recently that he 'lost' this particular case against the bank and is now appealing on the basis that the judge almost completely swept aside his arguments without really examining them. It is my opinion thtat this has always been the issue with the main thrust of his line of argument. The allegations go beyond civil breaches and become criminal. As long as that's the case, the 'balance of probabilities' test used in civil cases no longer applies an
  7. Sorry to hear this mate. It is utterly baffling.... It's the same kind of nonsense that goes on with other benefits...The system, rather than incentivise those who are on benefits to get into work asap, and stay there, seems skewed to penalise those who do that! It's no wonder so many areas of the country, generations deep, are in the benefits trap.It's TOTALLY wrong and completely unacceptable not to mention entirely unaffordable in the long term. Our leaders are failing us in this regard. Sadly, few people seem to care enough to do anything about changing it until they are personally affec
  8. But I suspect this is now getting a bit off this thread's focus. It's also why I suggested the MODs should have moved the related posts elsewhere where we can continue to debate & evaluate not only this particulat trial, but other related arguments and cases around the world?
  9. Hi Andrew1, I totally agree with you though I've a few caveats to add:- I think it's best not to jump the gun. We don't know whether he got permission or not or what the rules are in SA on this sort of thing? I agree that if he's breached certain rules by recording & sharing this publicly, it's not going to do his case any good. On the other hand, whoever makes the particular allegation that he did the recording AND shared it, illegally, will have to prove that it was Tellinger that did it! I recall from the tape that Tellinger had a few 'friends' in that courtroom...??? Or may
  10. I find this quite surprising. Surely, a more tempered and educational (and therefore helpful) approach, in a forum such as this, would have been to add comments and warnings about your concerns, whilst allowing members & guests to review the material (and related posts) and make up their own mind? Or if you felt it was way too off topic for this thread, to move it elsewhere where interested parties can discuss it? I'm a bit disappointed on this one...a potentially very educational matter has simply been ejected from the debate. Let's hope it doesn't end here.
  11. Furian What's happend to your post about the Tellinger South African case? I got the usual CAG email alert to it since I'm subbed to this thread. It was dated 12 Jan 2012. When I clicked on it, planning to comment about it, I was brought here but it appears that particular post has disappeared? Indeed it appears there are/were no posts at all for this thread on 12 Jan 2012? Is this correct? Mods any thoughts on this please?
  12. Hi P1 I've been away for a while and just checking in to see if you ever managed to start a thread re- dealing with solicitors etc? ta.
  13. Hello, as a matter of fact I did post in that thread on occasion, though not sure how many times. But my point remains that no one from the Site team came back to me with even a suggestion as to what may have happened. Any idea why that thread was deleted - there was some useful information on it? I thought the general practice was to remove offending posts and not entire threads?
  14. It appears so...a few weeks ago, my post count suddenly dropped by about 8/9 posts. Quite shocking. I messaged 3 site team members about it and have heard back nowt in weeks! Not good eh?
  15. Ryde, thanks for posting this. Material like this always comes in handy somewhere. Scales tipped accordingly.
  16. This could be interesting. Investment Banks Charged with "Murder" of Mortgage Boom in the First Degree Financial historians have now cleared yet another page in their 2011 books for the date of September 2, also known as the "Friday Night Massacre." On that day, the U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency -- on behalf of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- filed a $196 billion lawsuit against 17 of the nation's top-tier investment banks. The charge: "murder" of the housing mortgage boom in the first degree. Or, in actual legal jargon: For the "omissions of material facts concernin
  17. Remember, you're the guy that's struggling and in hardship, which is why you're in this situ in the 1st place. That £1k can't surely just be excess funds lounging around now...
  18. Perhaps you could consider giving them some kind of ultimatum on the F&F? Let them know the offer won't be there forever? As long as they think you've got £1k ready somewhere to pay them off they may keep trying to get more out of you. It's part of the negotiation tactics. Or you could be cheeky and reduce your present offer with a view to raising it to what it is now as an incentive for quick acceptance. Now that legal uneforceability has been established, you have a much stronger hand to negotiate.
  19. Thanks for this. This part of the quote says it all really. Thank God for responsive and vigilant public servants. The system CAN work, if the people in it do their work!
  20. This is off topic but it's important that we spread the word again on Bank Charges... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?785-Re-Bank-Charges-Campaign-Continues
  21. Can you please comment on what impact this has on costs incurred defending proceedings in Small Claims Court brought by the lender? Ta
  22. Totally agree Elsa. CAG has to continually adapt to the tactics being used by the opposition now, not only what they used in the past.
  23. Sorry to hear about your loss Fireprism. The fact that the judge 'laughed' must have told you everything. At best, LIPs usually have an uphill task; LIPs against the banks (apparently the court's most favoured persons) have a mountainous challenge. It seems the lender has to be almost completely incompetent for you to have any real prospects. But for a LIP to take on a bank, on the sensitive matter of bank charges, with the high winds of the SC ruling bearing down and no real new tools to fight with, is asking for a whipping. If you have a thread for this please post as much as you can th
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