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  1. Hi BankFodder, Your right, I do not need to wait. Sorry, it's been 10+ years since I last used MCOL.
  2. Hi BankFodder, Yes, you are fully correct. I should go straight to warrant, and forward onto bailiffs. I have researched which company to use. The MCOL website indicates that "Your judgment against XXX was issued on 27/12/2018 at 19:13:32". This indicates to me that the CCJ had been awarded, and we can progress onto the warrant portion. I can enter the details within the MCOL site, it is just waiting for payment.
  3. Hi BankFodder, No, not at all. They were the first people we contacted and forwarded a template letter. 14 or 30 days has no effect on things, although it just drags things out. So far we are at the point of "Judgement" issued. I now believe that the CCJ has been awarded, and it will remain off the record if settled within 30 days? After this, it's in file. The only way to remove this would be either through setting aside, or through a consent order. From the outset, we only wanted the car repaired and have only claimed for the repair cost; we have not claimed for postage cost
  4. 30 days ~ I feel like I want to say Citizens Advice, it was given via the telephone.
  5. Hello again, A bit more digging, I have noticed this. "Alloy Racing Equipment Limited trading as Stratstone MINI Leeds. Alloy Racing Equipment Limited is an appointed representative of Pendragon Finance & Insurance Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office: Loxley House, 2 Oakwood Court, Little Oak Drive, Annesley, Nottingham, NG15 0DR. Registered No: 00901017 Registered in England & Wales" Does this mean i need to change the name - Alloy Racing Equipment Limited T/A Stratstone Mini Leeds T/A Strat
  6. The total amount so far is £422. That's not enough to meet the £600 requirement. Link to main dealer site - https://www.stratstone.com/dealers They are on Page 2, I've attached a screenshot of the address details
  7. Evening, I have filed for judgement, I have noticed that I have put "Stratstone Mini Leeds" instead of "Stratstone, T/A Stratstone BMW Leeds, T/A Stratstone Mini Leeds". I have a slight fear that the dealer will say "that's not us" however every letter has reached them, when I Google "Stratstone Mini Leeds" and the website says "StratstoneMiniLeeds" they will it's not them. Ironically, the main Stratstone website has them as Stratstone Mini Leeds.. If this is the case, we can ask the court to ammend the name, and reissue the judgement on the evidence (screenshots) that we have..
  8. Update - No response received to MCOL, or offer of payment. Judgement Requested.
  9. Hi BankFodder, Just popping into let you know that i have submitted the MCOL against the motor dealer. I shall update you as we go along.
  10. Hi Fodder, The dealership that i purchase the car from is Stratstone Mini in Leeds. We have raised the MCOL claim, and saved it awaiting "submit" early Dec 18. Following advice from Consumer Direct, we were to give them 30 days plus this buys is time to get all the ducks in order (paperwork scanned into pdf's etc).
  11. Evening all, Background in quote So, thats the background sorted. We've sent the letter before action requesting a reducing in purchase price to cover the cost of the repair, now were waiting for the 30 days to expire before we progress to MCOL. A swift, standard response received, same as the one above...nothing to do with us.... Oh the joys of a used car (£9k), outside of main dealer warranty.... will update as we go, win or lose...
  12. The problem i have here is that they could argue that we simply bought something for the value on the bank card. We have not yet received an email back yet. I can send them a screen shot of the petrol station, though this could be anything and i would have to guess fuel was about £1.36 per litre.
  13. Hi Sidewinder, Payment was made with a Visa Debit card, to a BP Garage.
  14. Large UK Company. Hired car for 9 days. Mrs AO 100% certain that car was filled up before dropping car off at location, which was less than 200mtrs from garage. Unfortunately drop-off place closed so unable to obtain Check-In signatures. Hire car company now says that car required XYZ amount of fuel to fill the car up. Unfortunately for us, Mrs AO no longer has the receipts for filling the car up. So far.. 1) We have emailed them, asking what the charge was on the bank card. We were not informed/nor invoiced for the charge. 2) They replied saying it was for fuel 3) We r
  15. I can imagine a postal order or cheque arriving monday morning by special or recorded delivery. You could always ring up on tuesday morning asking where your cash is, before you go back to the courts. Might be nice to speak to the guy issuing all the letters, know knowing that you have won, and that he / she have to pay you the cash. I would think that they would pay up then, but it would be nice to contact the local papers, the free weekly paper and get an article in there about it, and even the local news.
  16. it appears that the mortgage has gone through ok, with the blemishes on the credit report. so we have a choice, wait till 6 years have passed, or repay the debt, and have it as settled..
  17. Hi, no payment that ive ever know off, so more than 2 years. Its littlewoods catelogue, so probably no CCA. Regards, Alias
  18. Hi, thanks for the replies. I know that they are not allowed to sell on accounts that are in dispute, but they do. Whats the best way to deal with paying the amounts off, i know they cannot supply a CCA for the wife, but if she has had the goods, then she should pay. All of this is before my time, just something showed up on a recent mortgage application that may stop us taking advantage of 0% credit card offers in the future etc. Do we make payment to the debt company, ie scotcall - capquest, or do we make payment to the firm that the debt is owed too. I guess its if they
  19. The reason i ask this, is that we have received letters from Capquest & Scotcall in the past. We believe this to be in relation to the same debt. If we sent then the SAR letter, and they write back saying they cannot provide a copy of the CCA. Wont they just pass the debt onto someone else, when they are not allowed too pass on disputed accounts? How do we bring this all too an end, and get the marks off the credit report. I can see them chasing debts post 6 years, which isnt good in the long run.
  20. How long is the fence, fence panels are cheap from B&Q, about £12-15 each. Less than £100, fence could be carried out by a competent DIY person with the help from next door.
  21. Hello all, The wife has these on her account apparently (see picture), these were before we met each other. Recently we went for a mortgage and something came up that might of stopped it on her side, but as she does not work. It had no effect. How to we remove these, settle these. How is the best way to approach this & make things right. Picture 1 Were unsure what this is for. The wife had an orange phone contract, which was in debt for about £500. She informs me that she was not 18 when she had this (i dont know why) and the debt was wiped off. She said it was on her
  22. We received letters last year for the wife from scotcall & capquest about littlewoods. Appears recently they have got bored, and probably sold on the debt. Im waiting on the next letter, so i know who to send all the information too. Can i send scotcall / capquest the letters if they have sold the debt on.
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