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  1. I've just checked my credit report on Equifax, Experian and Noddle. There is no record of this loan on my credit report.....Does this mean it no longer exists or what? I am confused....
  2. Picture went bust initially and their portfolio was picked up by Webb...then debt was assigned to IDEM. I rceived a letter of assignationand it all appears to be above board.
  3. They have no client. They bought the debt from webb resolutions who bought it from Target whou bought it from Picture Ltd who bought it from Picturetheloan
  4. UPDATE: I am now in a position to offer all (or almost all) of the arrears on this account. I can start to make the regular monthly payments once I have cleared the arrears , and the loan term will expire in December this year. However, due to the arrears, IDEM have continued to charge interest and will say that I still owe them about £20,000. Some of this (a VERY small portion) will be charges which are possibly able to be claimed back) , but the main part is interest on the outstanding loan piling up due to the arrears. Now, I recall reading somewhere that the
  5. If you are trying to get the debt extinguished due to mis-selling, what money is there to get from the company that a claims firm will take 25% of?
  6. They WILL try to grind you down by dragging things out : adjourn for 6 weeks to get some documentation sorted , adjourn fvor 6 weeks to let you read thru the documentation they sent you, adjourn for 6 weeks because of a case they have involving children that must take precedence over your case, etc etc . (these are ALL tactics Shoosmiths used against me) What they are really doing here is trying to get as many appearance dates as possible, in the hope that you will not turn up or be late for one of them and they will win the case by default. But they are only kicking
  7. Just a quickie about decree of absolvitor: Sherriff does not have it within her power at a summary cause to grant this decree unless the case has been fully heard by the court. But Sheriff CAN dismiss it, for any procedural reason and the SB clock starts running again . The pursuer can then issue a new summons to start the procedure again from scratch - but this will likely take some time. so...if you have a few reasons to have it dismissed, use only ONE of them at a time so that you can get the clock started. As you are VERY close to SB in Scotland, it sh
  8. I'm tied up with stuff until Monday, but I'll have a detailed look thru your posts then and if I can give any helpful info gained from my own recent court cases, I'll pitch in
  9. I fully expect to get another letter from Arrow, telling me to pay this debt or they may take court action against me. I'll be more than happy to go through this procedure again and get more expenses from them the next time
  10. Hi elsi, Can you give any update on this please?
  11. Can't offer any advice on this just now, but I am thinking of pursuing a similar strategy with my own secured debt. I will watch your thread with interest. Please update regularly
  12. Consumer credit agreement regulations 2010 s10.12 states that prescribed terms which must be included in the document are: The amount of credit or credit limit.
  13. SB, I'm not sure if someone has mentioned this in the thread so far, but one thing to check on any CCA your opponents may have sent you, is that the credit limit is clearly stated on the CCA. If this is not stated, then they do not have an enforceable CCA, and therefore, no case against you.
  14. actually, the rules state that a copy of the agreement must be attached to the summons. BUT...the sherrif can overlook this if he or she is so inclined. BUT, if they overlook this, and yo ueventually lose your case, you will have a point of law to put on your appeal.
  15. Today I attended at court for the Proof Hearing. Before I describe what happened, here's what happened yesterday: I received a mobile call from Shoosmiths (acting for Arrow Global). The girl tells me that she has a document on her desk that I asked previously to see, and if I give her my email addy, she will send it to me. I asked her was this a document she intended to produce in court. She says yes. I tell her I am not interested in seeing it and if she tries to introduce it as evidence, I will object as I have not had it 14 days befor ethe date of the proof and
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