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  1. That is most helpful. Thank you, I can't see how any damage was caused however I can see how someone else would view it. I suppose I have to write off the whole thing to experience.
  2. So dx do you think that Tesco are correct? there is no crack visible and it is not possible to feel a crack anywhere
  3. I do agree it looks like a crack but there is no visual sign of any physical damage. The bracket is fixed, not tilting, it is the correct size for the T.V. and the set has not been moved at all. Going back to on of your earlier posts dx, I had already googled Toshiba T.V screen problems and found plenty of issues which I have informed Tesco of without any success. Mariner it is the responsibility of Tesco within the first six months to prove that the fault was not there originally and so i should not have to bear the cost of going to an authorised repairer. The item was bought through Tesco direct and so how do I reurn it? I have offered to take it back to a local store with an electrical department for both inspection and return but Tesco have stated that it will not be necessary There is also the question of durability which is covered in section 9 of the Act. Thank you all for your input. I may be a little slow returning answers for a few days as I will not be near my computer.
  4. But is that correct according to the regulations contained in Consumer Rights Act 2015 ?
  5. Which proves what exactly? Google ladyboy images and tell me if you are looking at a male or female without making a physical inspection. They are making an assumption.
  6. How can the ball be in my court when Tesco have not seen the television. All they have seen is a photograph. They have refused to let me take it in for a physical inspection. I have attempted to upload a photograph but it can't be done.
  7. I can't see any visual sign of damage to the screen. As far as I am aware pictures can't be posted to here but that would be immaterial anyway. The onus is on the seller and not the purchaser, and so without Tesco making a physical inspection they are not in a position to make a decision properly.
  8. emailed the CEO as soon as they said no. All replies are from there. I will email them again pointing out that they are committing a criminal act. They think that by calling it accidental damage their responsibility has ended. Here is the email conversation starting from the bottom up. Tesco email in blue for ease of reading. Email conversation with Tesco. Dear xxxxxxxx Thank you for offering to return the TV to your local store, however this won't be necessary. The next step we would advise is for you to have the TV inspected by an accredited authorised repair agent. Only if they can provide a report, backed up with evidence to show that this is a manufacturing defect would we be able to pursue this further. Once again thank you for contacting our Chief Executive's office. Kind regards Xxxxxx xxxxxx Customer Service Executive to the Board As I said we will be issuing proceedings You will also find that we have already cancelled our saver delivery plan and emptied our basket for this weekend. I am still more than willing to take the TV to the electrical department at my local Tesco Express so that they can actually see it. This is the extent of my good will and will be withdrawn at 9pm today Dear xxxxxxx Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. As discussed I’ve spoken with our Technical Support team who have looked at the picture you provided. There are cracks coming in from the left hand side of the screen. There’s nothing in this area of the screen that would cause the LCD panel to crack in this way, without some form of external force. We have come to the conclusion that this is accidental damage. I know this will be disappointing for you. Once again thanks for contacting our Chief Executive’s office. Kind regards Xxxxxxx xxxxxx Customer Service Executive to the Board Our full details were given here On 11th August 2017, I placed an order for a Toshiba television and received it on 14th August 2017. We have discovered that the television has a faulty screen. I contacted your customer services yesterday (2nd September) who requested that I send a photograph of the screen to you (which I did) and that I would get a call back shortly. Having received no call back we again phoned customer services who informed us that our email had not been dealt with but confirmed that as we had received an automated response it was in progress. At this time we informed the Tesco operative that I am due to go into hospital next weekend for complex surgery and so it is imperative that this is dealt with urgently. We were told that “Macauly” would be in touch after 11am this morning (3rd September), again this did not happen and so again this afternoon we called customer services who have attempted to put us off until tomorrow. This is totally unacceptable due to the simplicity of the issue. A faulty screen will still be faulty and our Consumer rights will not change. During the call this afternoon Mr. Matthews informed your operative that we have now officially rejected the television and under the regulations of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 we demand a refund. To be clear here are our rights under the Act as quoted to your operative. 30-day right to reject Under the Consumer Rights Act you have a legal right to reject goods that are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, and get a full refund - as long as you do this quickly. This right is limited to 30 days from the date you buy your product. After 30 days, you will not be legally entitled to a full refund if your item develops a fault, although some sellers may offer you an extended refund period. The first six months If you discover the fault within the first six months after buying the product, it is presumed to have been there since the time of purchase - unless the retailer can prove otherwise. During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there when you bought it - it's not up to you to prove that it was. As these are our rights according to the Act there is NO question that by rejecting the goods due to their unsatisfactory quality a refund MUST be given forthwith. Xxxxx xxxxxx
  9. Thank you. I have quoted them the relevant sections of the act. but to no avail. How can they hope to prove accidental damage when they have refused point blank to make a physical assessment of the item?
  10. Sorry I have officially rejected the T.V. in writing on 2nd September. However Tesco don't want to know.
  11. On August 11th we ordered a television from Tesco direct which we picked up on August 14th. It was fixed to a wall bracket and used without problem until 1st September. On 2nd September the T.V. was switched on and there was a black section to the screen. We called Tesco and they asked us to send in a photo of the screen saying that they would get back to us within 3-4 hours, they failed to do so and we rang them again to be told that they had not had time to look at our email and that they would call us back shortly after11 am the next day. By 2.30 they still hadn't called and so we contacted them to be told "it looks like accidental damage and so we are not responsible" I tried to explain that there was no way that this could be the case but they refused to budge. I then offered to take the T.V. to a local store with an electrical department so that they could perform a physical check of the item, they said it wasn't necessary and that their decision stood. They told me that I should take the set to an accredited repair place and obtain a report. I believe that Tesco are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the following extract. The first six months If you discover the fault within the first six months after buying the product, it is presumed to have been there since the time of purchase - unless the retailer can prove otherwise. During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there when you bought it - it's not up to you to prove that it was. Tesco are adamant that they will not offer anything. What are my rights?
  12. It may be worth having a read through other Npower threads to get an idea what might happen. Particularly the one by eversir. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?436401-nPower-Mismanaged-account-County-Court-claim-issued-aganst-Npower&highlight=npower
  13. You should also point out that they had 1.2 million complaints in November 2013. A number of those are still unresolved so it may be possible that your bill was not issued. There are many newspaper articles to back this statement.
  14. In 2010 I got a PPI ppi refund from Black Horse for a policy which they had sold me years before. My account was in arrears and so from the PPI refund they took an amount which they said in a letter had been "netted from the arrears". This I took to mean that the account was now up to date. Within a couple of months I started to get letters saying that the account was in arrears so I wrote to Black Horse who offered no explanation other than to demand payment. The account eventually ended up being investigated by the Financial Ombudsman who found in favour of Black Horse. (no surprise there then) This has continued to be a bone of contention and I have kept investigating Black Horse and what I appear to have found is alarming. It would seem by looking on the FOS investigations page that some PPI refunds were made to accounts which were in arrears and as with my account the refund was reduced to cover the arrears. Black Horse then say that they made a mistake with their calculations and that the account arrears were not cleared properly. They then agree to remove fees and charges to apparently rectify their mistake. The problem being that according to Black Horse the account is still then in arrears which attracts huge interest charges. It is my understanding that if they had not made the error in the first place and cleared the arrears properly then accounts similar to mine would not have attracted the extra interest. Interestingly earlier this year Black Horse had to send a further payment to me due to a "miscalculation of PPI refund" but according to the Ombudsman this has nothing to do with my now closed case.
  15. If the amount goes back to 2014 they cannot chase for it. It would be subject to the accurate billing rules http://www.energy-uk.org.uk/publication.html?task=file.download&id=4991 Have a read and see if it applies.
  16. I will get that done. Thank you.
  17. According to ims earlier in the thread the balance seems correct but looking at the agreement it says Total amount payable £20820 and we have paid more than that. I really don't know what to think. The ombudsman sided with Black Horse even though they admitted that they had sent the letter in 2010 saying that arrears had been cleared from the PPI redress and then claiming that they had made a mistake. It is all a big mess as far as I can see. Another thing that has come to mind. The secured loan was taken out in joint names but the property is in my sole name. Would this be classed as mis-sold at all?
  18. Thanks dx what would I be hoping that the SAR would reveal?
  19. We have had some statements and a rebate of interest for a period when the statement was late. I will have to check if all the statements are present. Thanks for your reply.
  20. A rather strange development today. We have been paying £200 per month to Idem against the contracted amount of £173.50, Today we got a doorstep visit from Excel counselling services on behalf of Idem to discuss "arrears on the secured loan". They left a letter as we were not in. The letter goes on to say "Should you not have provided satisfactory proposals by 29th July, legal action will be taken which could result in the repossession of your home" What should my next step be?? Please could someone advise me.
  21. There would also be nothing wrong with taking a few refresher lessons with a qualified instructor to update your skills. Driving has changed considerably over the years.
  22. An amber light means stop unless it is unsafe to do so. You should be able to anticipate better, ask yourself on the approach how long have the lights been on green? if they have been on green a while then they are more likely to change. Look if there is traffic waiting at other traffic lights, if so are their lights about to go green? Yours will then obviously change.
  23. I would also be interested in Andyorch's comments on the loan where one of the parties has no legal interest in the "security"
  24. Here is a link to help you check your Meter point access number (MPAN) so that you can find out if the bills actually relate to the correct property. https://www.energylinx.co.uk/mpan.htm
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