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  1. thats great, but can i just ask then, where RBS have said they wont deal with any closed accounts over the phone should i just send the SAR request to the address they have given me? even if i am unsure whether i took PPI out?
  2. HI i have decided to investigate whether i can claim any PPI. Now the problem is i had three Credit Cards all of which were paid off and closed in 2007, i had them for 10 years and paid them all off at the same time and closed them: I have contacted MBNA by phone and they informed me i had no insurance on the account. RBS refuse to discuss closed accounts and gave me a PO Box to write to. is this right? and if so what do i need to request, is it simply asking if i had insurance on my account while i was with them? Capital one i am waiting to call them tomorrow as they said
  3. really appreciate you help, can you run through with me what i should send in the second letter please. sorry to be a pain in the ass?
  4. cheers dude, i did send te forst one recorded and i know exactly when it was signed for, so should i still send the letter again?
  5. Hi there, i recently did as instrudted and sent off the letter to HSBC on the managed loan requestin a copy of the original paperwork. well tis been lomger than 15 days, what do i do now? thanks so much for the help and sorry if this have been answered i just couldn't find it.
  6. Hi peeps newe here and just wanted to ask you guys a question, about 5 years ago i got into a bit of a financial mess and was told by the manager of my HSBC that a managed loan was the only answer and the only way to go so i agreed to it. the amount was somewhere in the region of £6k which i pay £88 for, the amount never seems to go down by much but thats due to the interest rate. i have looked throug this thread but am still not sure what can do if anything? any help would be appreciated, if it has been posted during this thread and i have missed i am really sorry.
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