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  1. Not directly. Only communication I've had was the 2 letters saying the account was in dispute and they were waiting for information from original lender. Next letter was the one today stating account was closed on their files and we're passing it back to themselves. Not sure what to make of it to be honest.
  2. Okay so it's been a few months. After sending statute barred letter I've had 2 letters informing me they are still waiting on account details from Santander. Today I received a letter from RW stating that the account in question is now closed on their files. They will pass any documents/information I have provided on to their client for them to deal with accordingly. For my future reference the client can be contacted at following address HPH2 Ltd (ex santander) Blah blah blah. The amount due now shows zero. Considering RW and hoist are same company this letter does
  3. Yes, that is correct. I've had advice from you before and read a lot of the good advice you've posted in other threads so greatful for u chipping in. Thought all my previous debt problems were behind me. Haven't missed a payment in 6 years, all adverse data has dropped off cra's then this. Typical. Just hope I don't end up with too much of a fight off them. From what I've read they are a nightmare to deal with.
  4. Does the SB letter go to Hoist who own the debt or RW who are collecting. Another thing. They are sending the letters to my next door neighbour. They have a digit wrong in address. Should I just mention this in SB letter?
  5. Got 2 letters today, 1 from Hoist to say they had purchased a debt from Santander and that Robinson way would be collecting it. The other was from Robinson way introducing themselves and asking me to make contact to arrange payment. I've looked back at previous credit reports and see that its a current account with Santander and had defaulted back in October 2008. The account was £1000 over overdraft then cut off when defaulted. My first instinct is that this is well and truly statute barred. I've not had any contact with Santander since Aug 08 and made no payments in any kind.
  6. Your absolutely right, its not a store card, was finance on a laptop from dell. My mistake. So i shouldnt worry myself about a last minute Default getting put on there? Im guessing worst case if it did be able to get it removed. Thanks for your help.
  7. There is only one 6 and was the last update on 2/3/2008 showing a balance of £0. Current balance: Settled Settlement date: 25/2/2008
  8. No there's no default date. It was 6 payments late then marked as settled back in feb 2008. Balance showing £0
  9. But can a default be added after the time that has elapsed as I've not had one yet and would like to avoid it.
  10. Hi there, Ive been trying to clean up my credit history and sort out some unpaid debts from a few years ago. My defaults have now all dropped of as 6 years have passed and ive been running my finances flawlessly for last few years. When i checked today my experian score is now 880 which is a damn sight better than this time last year. I now only have one negative on my history which is a store card which is showing settled in 2008, last payment i made was aug 2007. I have never settled this debt and it has for some reason stopped at 6 and not defaulted. Can a def
  11. dx Although I didn't need to use it thanks for the advice, im now clued up on chargeback scheme for the next time. Cheers
  12. I held off on the chargeback and paypal claim and sent a formal complaint email pointing them to the OFT website with the section you quoted. They then changed their tune and I received a full refund today. Thank you so much for the advice.
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