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  1. Thanks for the response - was appreciated - on this basis I pursued BMW Financial Services with the FSO and they made an offer at the last minute before it was kicked upstairs for adjudication (sound familiar!) - from my experience BMW FS really don't want to get involved at all, and several times claimed they were just a finance company and wouldn't admit any liability unless this was agreed with the dealer/manufacturer - annoying as they are in the business of supplying cars and feel it's a bit cheap to rely on this defence My only gripe is that the guidelines clearly state that if it's
  2. Just going through same sort of motions with BMW FS and Dealer - did you get a result from this? Apologies for bumping old thread but would be good to understand the final outcome, e.g. did you take court action, did they defend, did you win, did they settle? Thanks
  3. Hello, Aware this is a 2 year old thread but thought it helpful for others to update on similar experience and my approach. I received a new iphone from orange - with an intermittent mic problem that manifested on the first day after receiving the phone. I called orange support and was first advised to call apple, which I did and explained the problem, they advised they would repair or replace with a refurnished phone. I told them it was actually DOA (dead on arrival) as it was supplied faulty and that I would like a new phone, not refurbished - apple advised I would have to ha
  4. Hi - appreciate the input - I do have an excess milage rate on the HP agreement that they would have levied to me per mile so think I'll start with this as and see what the response is
  5. Hi, No luck finding any information on the web for this calculation - I'm assuming it may be a per mile figure but not sure if it involves all costs when rewinding a contract (such as insurance, servicing e.t.c.) so still interested in peoples opinions of this?
  6. Hi All, There is a possibility that my HP credit agreement for a motorbike may be rewound by the finance company (independent report confirms manufacturing default - just waiting for the HP company and dealer to sort out liability) They state that if this happens one option could be to place me in the financial position I was in before I purchased the vehicle, less the value of benefit I've had for the 4000 miles/11 months use, Is there a set calculation for this so I know what is/isn't reasonable? Thanks, Lard
  7. Hi, Assume from lack of replies that I'm on the right tracks for this As it happens - dealer has called and advised that they will not be repairing the bike (the frame in particular) under warranty so have now started procedure to reject under CCA and will see how I get on!
  8. Hi, Firstly - thanks for the advise I've found so far on this forum, the answers/resources here keep me sane! Some background on my issue: I purchased a new bike from a main dealer in 2009 In Feb 2010 I noticed corrosion on frame, swingarm, mudguards e.t.c. Took it into the dealer - they finally agreed to fix under warranty (took a lot of wrangling) They advised they would remove all parts (quite major considering it's everything but tank & engine) and send to be repaired. I rejected this fix as, once a frame has started rusting, no amount of repainting would fix
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