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  1. Well the bank let me withdraw it and parking eye did the usual handful of threatening letters and then gave up. Long time ago now and had had no more from them.
  2. I signed a deposit receipt which said if I cancel the agreement the deposit was non refundable, thought if it was the dealers decision then he would need to refund me! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I recently put £200 deposit on a Renault Megane scenic, with my car as part exchange as the balance. The car is due to have a couple of minor faults fixed before I can pick it up and part exchange my car. I am now having second thoughts after reviews and advice given. I know I can't just say I've changed my mind but if my car developed a fault, would I have grounds to get my money back? Obviously the dealer would decide if he still wanted the part ex, but could he make me pay extra? And if he says he no longer wants the car as part ex, will I be entitled to my deposit back?
  4. Hi, never heard anything back from them. My mate at work had one from them about 4 months ago, ignored all letters from them and they have given up on him to. Sit it out they'll give up eventually.
  5. no. no-one is in a union. will they help if its already in the middle of it all?
  6. the staff are going to brought in on temp. min wage, apparently.
  7. We recently were told that as a company our employer needed to implement a 10% wage cut accrosss the whole company of approx 150 staff. a letter was drawn up and we were given a 2 week deadline to sign it agreeing to the reduction. it was stated at the time that it needed to be 100% agreement for it to be implemented and if 1 person did not sign other measures would have to be taken (ie redundancies). it was also said that if you did not sign then it would count against you when redundancies were considered. on this many people including myself signed it on the basis that not everyone would. deadline past and only 2 people have refused to sign. these 2 people have now had a letter telling them if they do not sign by Fri they will have their contract terminated. since the deadline work has somehow picked up enough that they need to employ another 8 staff in the factories. this is just a kick in the teeth. is there any way of recinding the letter i signed? if there were enough of us to do this they could not afford to lose 10 workers. they keep saying that we need to trust them but every turn seems to stink of foul play.
  8. just checked credit report through Experian. never done it before. all looks ok. nothing negative at all. its amazing the information they keep on you. thanks for your advice.
  9. no not yet. through experian and places like that? you can do it for £1 cant you?
  10. sent a redrafted letter to both orange and BCW collectors. have had a letter about 5 days ago from Orange agreeing as a "goodwill gesture" to forget the £30 fee and they said they would contact BCW. have since had several missed calls from BCW and a "FINAL NOTICE" letter from them threatening court action. hopefully its just delayed communication between orange and them. will give it till the end of the week see if there is any more commmunication from them.
  11. have typed up this letter to send out to orange and copy to debt collectors. I am disappointed that you consider this to be your course of action. I cancelled my Orange broadband account with your company because I was not receiving the service that I signed up for. I therefore believe this to be a legitimate reason for not paying a cancellation fee of £30. I was signed up for the Home Max package for which I was supposed to have no B.T line rental to pay. I had to pay all through my contract. I was also supposed to get free evening and weekend calls which I never did and therefore was billed for by B.T. I know this was an ongoing problem which I was eventually told that I had to sort out myself with B.T. If informed of this at the time of signing up I would not have chosen your company. Your company code of practice states: “Orange has adopted eight business principles that guide how we do business responsibly Wherever we operate, five of which relate to customer service. • We will deliver quality, value and excellent service to you. • We will deliver quality and value for money, and always endeavour to put customers first.” I don’t believe you have provided me with these two parts of it. Maybe you should send me copies of my bills through the entire contract and I will sort out a bill for you to pay the B.T line rental and the evening and weekend call that I have been charged for over the same period. I am also disappointed that there was no warning of this being pursued. The only contact I had with orange over the matter was a phone call from someone telling me that I owed the £30 when I told him I was not paying it because of the reasons stated above, he said “ok”. I will be deeply annoyed if my credit rating is affected because of your lack of trying to resolve this matter before taking this course of action. I have sent a copy of this letter to BCW and would appreciate your quick response before this matter goes any further.
  12. Hi, i had orange broadband for nearly 2 years. the last contract i agreed with them was for the home max package which was supposed to include cheaper phone calls. because i was on the light user scheme with B.T this never got activated. it took them months before they even found out that i wasn't getting the full service, then said it was up to me to sort it out. i asked for a mac code and moved to virgin, was then telephoned by orange saying that i owed them £30 to finsh the contract. i told them i wasn't paying because they had not been providing the service i was contracted for. heard nothing more for a couple of months then out of the blue get a call fom BCW debt collectors asking if i was in a position to pay over the phone. can i fight this and is my credit rating going to suffer now these people are involved?
  13. Not wanting to tempt fate, but i sent a letter back on the 1st april saying as your advice i.e "persue the driver and leave me alone or i'll report you for harrassment". nothing back as yet. hope thats the end of it:)
  14. Had a rather pleasant letter from parking eye stating how many signs there are at the Aldi's car park, explaining the parking tariff. "Therefore the contractual terms and conditions are clear to the user of the car park and the parking of a vehicle is acceptance of the contract that has been offered to you." They say that if I were not prepared to accept those terms I should not have parked there. However when I parked there I agreed the terms. It also says that unless I provide evidence of someone else driving my car then they are "Entitled to pursue me for payment" Wasn't this all on Watchdog? Why do they think anyone is going to pay them now?
  15. Thanks for the advice, im a little worried about the prospect of going to court though. Does it go as far as that or are they trying to put the frighteners on?
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