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  1. Hi, we were involved in an accident early in September, rear ended by white van man, as it was a no fault claim, our insurance company organised a hire car for us whilst ours was being repaired, the day before the hire car was due to go back we parked in a council car park whilst we nipped into town, came back to it and someone had hit the side of it, driven off and not left a note, husband informed the insurance company for the hire car and when it was collected last week the person who collected it duly noted it was a ‘scuff and would polish out’ Today we’ve noticed £1200 has been added on to our credit card from the hire company, we have phoned the hire company who have confirmed we have a 0 excess as it was through our insurance as it was a no fault claim, however the individual branch have said that my husband signed the contract for the hire which clearly stated a £1500 excess. Yes I’m angry at him for not reading the paperwork clearly but is there anything we can do? It’s incredibly unfair that all from an accident that wasn’t our fault we were given a hire car with a massive excess that we weren’t aware of and husband states he was not made aware of it although I’ve yelled at him about reading the small print, (and the insurance company have stated 3 times there is no excess on it) we would have refused to have accepted the hire car with such an enormous excess. We’ve spoken to out insurance company tonight who have said its out of order but we have to speak to the claims line which is now shut I just cant understand how when the hire company’s insurance have said there is a 0 excess on it, we have still been charged any advice?
  2. A few months ago, me and my husband set up single accounts to take charge of our own debts, so I moved all my direct debits from the joint account we have with HSBC to my single account, I did this on my internet banking with HSBC back in Feb. I have a cahoot flexible loan and a credit card with them. Feb, Mar, Apr and May's direct debits to the cahoot loan and card came out on the correct dates from my new account, however, in June I noticed that the funds hadn't been collected. When I logged into the cahoot site and checked it said the payments had been reversed. I phoned Cahoot who told me HSBC had refused the direct debits. So I called HSBC who said Cahoot had tried to take Junes payments from the old joint account where the DD was no longer active and this is why it had been refused. I called Cahoot back who told me that it was HSBC's fault as they had not informed them of the change of DD to my single account so they had tried to take it from the joint account, I found this odd considering cahoot had been taking the payments from the new account since Feb. By this stage I had had enough and didn't know who was right or wrong so called the financial ombudsman, who initially agreed with cahoot, said they would write to HSBC on my behalf and they would be in touch to sort it out. So, a few days later I received a call from HSBC who basically told me that they had informed cahoot of the change of account details back in Feb and had all the bacs advice detailing this, HSBC were really helpful, they sent me copies of these advices and also told me that cahoot obviously did have these details otherwise they wouldn't have taken the DD's from my new account for 4 months. I called cahoot back who were still insistent they hadn't been informed of the new account but advised me to write in and send a copy of the info HSBC had sent which is what I have done. So now I have been charged defaults of £30 on the loan and £12 on the credit card for late payments (as I ended up paying for these over the phone) plus associated interest charges and marks on my credit file. Cahoot still seem to be dragging their heels on this and although they acknowledged receipt of my complaint early last week, just keep telling me they are investigating it, but I am worried sick. what should I do?
  3. thank you so much for taking the time to read my thread and for your kind replies fortunately, there was space on the review for me to write my comments, I spent some time constructing this with my husband (who was appalled at what she had written) to try to put my opinion across without sounding like I was being obstructive and defensive. I commented that although I took on board some of my managers comments I felt that my personal stresses had not been taken into account and that I disagreed with some of her comments and the reasons why. I also took time to apologise to her if I had caused her any distress in my 'abrupt' emails (although I have copies of every email I have sent her and cannot find any one that seems abrupt or rude) but mentioned this was not highlighted at my review. At the bottom of this document I had to sign that the review had been agreed by me, I have crossed 'agreed' out and written that I have noted her comments instead as I do not agree with it. HR told me that as I have disputed this review, my line manager should have offered me another meeting to discuss it further, this hasn't happened and as I say she has now gone on leave. I have asked HR in the meantime to record my conversations with them about this on my file. I am hoping that in the interim time she is away from work, this will give me opportunity to 'shine' so to speak but do feel aggrieved that I have to 'prove' myself when I don't feel I have done anything wrong I am still concerned about these short term objectives that I have fulfilled but have had no feedback whatsoever as to whether anyone is happy with the work I have done or not. I have a meeting arranged with my new manager (male) on 21st July (this is a get to know you kind of meeting) and would like to discuss some of these issues with him then, but I don't even know if he has been made aware of any of this as he wasn't announced as our new manager until after my official manager had gone on leave My biggest concern is that if my line manager knows I have spoken to HR, she will make things more difficult for me when she returns to work next year, I have this feeling that as I am not a manager, her opinions will have more weight than mine
  4. My husband has a sports car on a HP agreement which will be up in December (where we have the option to purchase or hand back) Now we know the option to purchase price is £10k and the car is currently valued at £17k, we don't want to keep the car but don't want to just hand it back either when it is worth 7k more than what is owed on it!, we don't have £10k floating around to be able to pay off the option to purchase fee so is there any way round this to be able to sell it privately and pay off the balance?
  5. I have worked for my current employer for 3 and a half years and 10 years in the NHS prior to that. Last summer I gained a new line manager who is new in her post, initially we got on great but over the course of the year our professional relationship has deteriorated significantly to the point where I no longer have any self esteem or confidence in my ability to do the job We have had occasional disagreements over things where I have in my opinion always tried to be polite and suggest a different way of doing something but it seems my 'questioning' of her has now led her to say I have no respect for her as my manager. In one phone conversation we had last November she told me my work was '****' and I told her that I felt this was unfair and that it would be better if she could be constructive by showing me how to improve rather than just telling me I am crap. Earlier this year, I lost my mum to breast cancer and took 8 weeks off sick, I went back to work at the beginning of June and 4 days later had my mid year appraisal, in this my manager told me I was being put on a performance improvement plan and set short term objectives as I was underperforming (my previous appraisal in January was good). I was stunned to say the least as there had never been any mention prior to this that I was underperforming and I feel that she is nitpicking (one of these underperforming areas for instance is my spelling and grammar) The objectives she has set me are fair in themselves as they are what I was doing as part of my job anyway but this also has made me wonder why I have been set them when I was doing all these things before. For instance, we have to do a monthly report detailing our work for the month and submit it to her on 1st of each month, I have always done this on time but in this appraisal she has told me that they are not detailed enough, this has never been mentioned to me before. Another example is we have to produce tender responses (the work she told me was **** last year), since that one I did in October which was discussed at my appraisal at the end of 2007 I have not had the opportunity to do another one, yet she has told me again in this mid year review that my tender responses are unsatisfactory and need to seriously be improved, I don't feel this is fair bringing this up again when it was something that happened last year and was dealt with at my end of year appraisal last year and this review is supposed to be discussing my performance year to date. These are just a couple of examples, every other appraisal I have ever had in my working life has been glowing, even from my previous manager in my current role. My job really is to sell and for the first half of the year I was 104% of my target set, none of this was noted in my review and has also made me question why I have been reviewed as underperforming when I have achieved above expectation of my role? I feel that my current manager does not like me for whatever reason and is trying her best to make my working life as uncomfortable as possible so I will leave, I don't want to leave as I love my job. I also thought that appraisals should not spring any surprises on you and I had had no idea any of this was going on, I think aswell that I was not given any opportunity to get back into work following the death of my mum as my appraisal grade had already been decided. I have spoken to my HR who were brilliant and said I have valid reasons for not agreeing to her review and suggested a meeting between the three of us to sort this out, however, she has now commenced maternity leave which although gives me some breathing space, means this cannot happen for the best part of a year, also I am concerned that although she will be very nice in the meeting, in our working environment again, our relationship will deteriorate further. This review has now gone down on my record and I now have a covering manager who no doubt will think the worst of me. I have been having to submit (as one of my short term objectives) a weekly planner by email of what I am doing during the week (as I work out in the field and am home based) to my line manager and her manager but now my line manager has left, I am just sending this to her manager instead, the rest of the objectives I was set and the deadlines given to me I have done, I have had no feedback from anyone since all this happened how things are going and I don't know what to do. I also feel that although my mum was dying I didn't go off sick until the week before she died and I carried on doing my job because I didn't want to let my colleagues or the company down, I never took any other time off sick during her illness and now I wish I had, I recognise that maybe I wasn't performing as strong as what I could have done but I was under an enormous amount of personal stress and thought some allowance should have been made for this or do you think I have expected too much? I have hit rock bottom, it was hard enough coming back to work after my mums death with the immense grief I still have, without then being faced with being told officially that I have to improve 'or else' I am worried about what will happen when she comes back to work next year and I'm not sure whether to talk to my 'new' manager about this or just keep my head down. There were also some things recorded on my review that were not discussed at the meeting we had (she said I am sometimes abrupt and rude in emails and phone calls to her which I believe is untrue but this was not mentioned at my review) I have never experienced anything like this before and I'm not sure how to handle it from here on any advice would be very much appreciated
  6. TBH, I don't think they know how long she has got, I think we have months but certainly not years, any advice on a union to join?
  7. Thanks Allwood for your reply and for the link, I know my employer does offer compassionate leave but there is no detail as to how much time or in what circumstances (the policy just states at the managers discretion) and in any case I do not expect my employer to give me a substantial amount of time off as compassionate and am happy to take it as sick leave due to stress I think my main point is that at the moment I don't have much free time to spend with my mum and know that as she worsens I want to be with her more than anything to spend those last few months with her, I will never get that time again and feel my job has to become second place, my gp is very understanding and I know he would sign me off Up until now I have wanted to keep working as it helps keep my mind occupied and a sense of normality, but my job is so demanding that this is starting to impact on my work I think I will see how she is when she comes home from the hospice and take it from there
  8. My mother is dying of breast cancer which she has been fighting for 5 years, she is currently in a hospice but although noone has givn us any time limits we expect her not to live the year out I currently have quite a pressured sales job which takes me away from home a lot, my line manager is aware of my situation and is very supportive I am currently finding it very difficult to concentrate, I have 2 young children and for their sake am trying to hold it together but am starting to feel extremely overloaded workwise and the stress of everything is getting too much I want to be there for my mum and my dad to support him through everything as it is my mums wish to die at home I want to be able to take her last few months off work so I can care for her and fortunately do get a generous sick leave from work ( 1 year full pay) The trouble is, I am not sure what to do, I don't want to be discriminated against at work because of this and as we don't know how long she has, I'm not sure when to go off sick I'm in tears a lot of the time and am finding it increasingly difficult to cope what to you suggest?
  9. wll according to that is should be 853!!! but its 530?????
  10. So sorry about your brother tawny owl, I am no expert but I cannot see how the landlord can expect you to pay the rent that is owed?, I would contact CAB about this, I would hand in the keys asap
  11. Just gone through my credit file and noticed that my time at current address is down as 2yrs 11months when in fact we have lived here 3yrs and 11 months, this is only our second address in the last 10 years Is it worth me informing the CRA to adjust it? will it improve my rating at all or is it not worth bothering with?
  12. I have a mortgage with Nationwide and a secured loan with First Plus but we are moving, to cut a long story short, we have had a bit od difficulty getting a new mortgage because of a few late credit card and catalogue payments (all over 3 months ago now but credit file hasn't been updated), My broker is in the process of arranging a good deal with Accord and says there will be no problems as we have never defaulted, no ccj's no arrears or missed payments etc but as its been xmas and they are all off for 2 weeks I've not heard anything since xmas eve when a colleague of my broker rang to tell me accord had accepted our application I have the estate agent for the house we are buying constantly ringing me up to find out when we are getting the survey done, but as my broker is off and I can only deal with Accord through them, I don't know!! I know my current Nationwide mortgage is portable as I have rung and asked them, but we also have a first plus loan secured on our house, do you know if this could be moved aswell or will it have to be rolled into a completely new mortgage?, this could save us a load of hassle if we just transferred our mortgage to the new house I am also still concerned that something will still go wrong with Accord although they have had all our supporting documentation as I haven't heard anything from anyone since xmas eve, Abbey originally accepted us following a credit search but then the full application was declined, just worried this could happen again
  13. too many miserable people in this country, it's only once a year!!!!
  14. I think that because your employer has been generous enough to give you an extra 2 days off this week with pay in addition to your normal holiday entitlement, it wouldn't seem fair to challenge having to take 2 days next week from your leave entitlement At the end of the day, they are offering you a choice whether you want to take the 2 days next week as paid or unpaid leave and as they have given you an extra 2 days this week I don't think they are being unfair
  15. I don't know about the bonuses but the holiday pay entitlement seems right to me, in all the jobs I have worked (including as a nurse in NHS) you have to work a full month before you get holiday entitlement and part months aren't counted, sorry!
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