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  1. I'll send off a the request today for my agreement and SAR them at the same time. I do remember having charges on this account and from my statements I do have they have been charging PPI which I will also investigate. In for the long haul indeed
  2. Hi All, Just found these 2 pieces of paper hiding in my credit card box. The Default Notice is useless because not giving the 14 clear days (the date is on page 1 not supplied here but I have it). They then closed the account. (image 2) Does this mean that I only need to pay them the arrears of the default and that's it, not the total balance? How should I proceed with this as I was thinking of taking this to court if neccessary to get the default removed and then SAR them to recover charges?
  3. Hi, It seems I will be taking a creditor to court for charges and while i'm there I will argue that their default notice is not valid. I have been making regular reduced payments but they have defaulted me on the basis that I have entered into a long term payment plan. Can they legally do this? I thought a DN had to specify an amount of arrears to remedy a notice? Can someone give me advice on what points of the Act I need to argue?
  4. This PPI claim are on accounts that have been paid off and closed for over a year if this makes a difference. I tracked down the insurers of the PPI and asked them if I could have information about pre-exisitng medical conditions. There stance was that I was able to have a medical condition but still claim for example if I broke my leg or was made redundant. My only problem is that this limited to what I could claim on as my condition is a form of arthritis. I asked if they could specify what is claimable with a pre-existing medical condition and they said to ask the creditor for th
  5. Yes indeed. I was meant to put it there but my brain in it's infinite wisdom clicked on store cards section. Can an admin move it please to PPI section.
  6. Hi, Santander have responded to a mis-sold PPI claim based on a pre-existing medical condition and would like some help in regards how to respond. This is what they said: "In your letter you have advised that you were not asked if you suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that would have made the policy unsuitable. How please understand that having an illness prior to the cover being taken out does not exlcude you from the insurance, this simply may mean that you cannot claim for this condition in future. This information is clearly detailed in you policy."
  7. yes, of course. I will only add the 8% if they refuse the next letter and I proceed to court. It would be bad to ask for money which I am not entitled prematurely .
  8. Thanks for the swift reply. I'll send the acceptance of partial payment template now and send the PPI one once i've got some more info on my particular case and figured out how to word it.
  9. Hi, I sent GE Money letters about default charges and PPI mis-selling for 2 accounts and included compounded interest. They have sent me 4 pages in reply with a cheque for the default charges at only a fraction of what i am trying to reclaim and will not refund the interest. This is what they stated: 'The OFT ruling deemed that a £12.00 fee would be a reasonable charge of costs incurred as a result of you breaching the Terms and Conditions. Our charging stucture now supports this ruling'. I was trying to get my PPI refunded due to mis-selling for a pre-exexisting medical co
  10. Thanks for the reply. I did SAR them quite a few months ago asking for my statements and any default notices issued. They sent all my statements but only supplied a computer printout saying that a default was issued, not the actual default. I then CCA'd the DCA and they said they did not hold the information and so passed my letter to egg to try and find the CCA. The DCA sent a letter about 3 weeks ago saying that egg are still trying to locate the agreement and during this time I can stop all payments to them. I know that somewhere it states that for people selling PPI ei
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to reclaim EGG PPI (also charges) on the grounds that I had a pre-existing medical condition when I took out the PPI. This was an internet application in 2004. I detailed all the charges etc, using CAG's spreadsheet's including compounded interest and this letter is what they replied with. Is there a difference in the law regarding an internet application or a verbal telephone application. Also could someone explain where I go from here? Thanks in advance.
  12. What would be the reason to SAR them when they have already said they have misplaced the document? Is there extra legislation for a SAR which is more powerful than a CCA request?
  13. The lack of response to any of my posts for help is rather disturbing, is the CAG community dead?
  14. Natwest have written back saying they have misplaced the agreement. I was thinking about sending them the template which states 'return my account to 0' but i've read threads on here saying that they have mysteriously found it, but no one can prove whether they have created a document from a signature. How should I proceed? I was thinking about a 'full and final settlement' template offering 5% of what they state is the remaining balance and ask to remove any defaults just to get it sorted.
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