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  1. I have just been told by Hermes that the bottle of vintage port that i sent that was bubble wrapped and in a wooden box has been damaged and not deliverable! They cannot send me proof of breakage and apparently the insurance that i took out with them does not cover this! I cant believe that this company is still trading! its a complete joke!
  2. Thanks PGH, thought i had put it in the wromg forum so i resubmitted it.
  3. Thanks for the advice PGH, I have just checked my copy of the account in dispute letter, and it is all there so I will let them stew!
  4. Yes i sent the account in dispute letter as soon as the time was up.
  5. Hello everyone, I sent a cca request form to TBI in feb , the 30 day time limit expired on the 5th march, then today i received a letter from them outlining the amount owed account number ect but no cca! Now the question is what do i do now? they are way over any time allowed for supplying the information requested, do i respond to them or just ignore them? any advice gratefully received.
  6. Hello everyone, I had TBI chasing me for a debt of £860 from way back so i sent them a request for cca letter, the 30 day limit expired on the 5th march 2009, today 19th nov I received a letter from them outlining the amount I owe , the account number etc but no cca! Now they have gone way over the time allowed and they have not sent the cca so what should i do now? do i just ignore them? Thanks for any advice as always, Bazza
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I will await a letter from abbey.
  8. I have today received a letter from 1st credit which states:I refer to your letter received today. We have investigated your dispute with our client. They state that they have not raised any charges that have been declared unlawful and have not raised any charges deemed to be unreasonable. We therefore consider the full balance outstanding to be payable and we consider we are fully entitled to take legal action should we choose to do so. I note that you have never specifically stated which specific charges you considered to be unlawful or unreasonable. I am sure you will appreciate that
  9. Thanks for that curlyben, the s.a.r has gone off to abbey and the other letter off to 1st credit. I shall be looking into the ppi on the account as i did not know i had purchased it!
  10. What i dont understand is they were a month late sending me the cca, does this not make them in breach of the law? Also i have not missed a payment in 5 years! If they can just send the cca when they want what is the point of having rules about the timescale? How do I go about getting the ppi or charges back guys?
  11. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk211/barrygarwood/cca2.jpg
  12. Hello guys, I have now received another letter from 1st credit, it reads, Iregret the above sum remains outstanding. We may now take legal proceedings against you. If successful it may result in; entry of your name in the county court judgement register making it very difficult for you to obtain credit in the future. Subsequent failure to make payment could result in enforcement action; An application to your employer for attachment of earnings.Seizure of your assets by a county court bailiff. Acharging order against your property. Now they are still taking payments from my account so i have n
  13. Well I am now getting phone calls every day at the same time 11.35 and when i answer the pnone there is nobody there! I know its 1st credit as i have checked the number! what i want to know is how they got it as i am ex directory and with tfs!
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