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  1. In the unlikely event that our neighbours have bought that little piece of land (and I don't know why they would do that, given their house is up for sale), would it be the case that their solicitor would write to everyone on the lane to inform them, or would that not be necessary? I nearly did prang my car when I got home from work today, as they've put another rock on the corner of their unofficial extension, which makes that a grand total of 4 rocks across a driveway which is roughly about 6 feet wide - if that! Because it's an unadopted road it's difficult to find free advice, becaus
  2. Thanks Citizen B, even though I don't live in Pendle your reply is very reassuring! I didn't have a problem with them extending their driveway at first even though it's not their land, but when they started putting rocks across that's what made me angry. I've told my husband if it's dark whenever I come home, I'll move the rocks onto their land and turn my car round. Even though I know they're there, it's still a tight turnaround and I don't see them in my blind spot - which is even more blind in the dark. I wouldn't mind, but they've encroached onto the land by over a foot and the
  3. Hi, I'm just hoping for a bit of advice. I live on a small unadopted lane, which has houses at both sides and a rectangle of common land in the middle with room for a few parked cars and to turn your car around (it isn't a through road). Recently one of our neighbours decided to 'extend' their drive onto the common land (not sure why), which wasn't really a problem even though I don't think they have the right to do this, but they've now taken to placing rocks across the entrance to this drive, making even harder for us to turn our cars around. I'm fuming, but I'm loathe to say so
  4. No, I pour it on my cornflakes. At the moment I'm going through 4 large boxes of cornflakes a day. Some may say I'm an alcoholic, but actually i'm comfort eating! :grin:
  5. Could someone please help me work out the percentage (apr) rates that are listed on the 'cca' that i scanned earlier in this post? i never was very good with numbers and i just don't know how to work out whether the apr includes the ppi (or even the £40 i paid to have my cheque delivered by courier). My head is spinning!
  6. Thanks for those replies - I'll do that. As I've said earlier, I know the amount is small, but at one time these people really, really frightened me - and they knew it. No more Mrs Nice person now though - the gloves are off!!!
  7. Hi, and thanks for your replies. The charges I refer to were actually added on by blair, oliver and scott. There may be hidden charges too, but it's quite difficult to tell, because the statement of payments was just a printout from a computer. I had thought it would be more like a bank statement, but there you go. The PPI was added to the loan, so every month I'll have probably paid interest on the loan, on the PPI and a very tiny amount towards the money I borrowed! I know it's hard to see on the scanned photo, but basically: AMOUNT BORROWED: £1000 CREDITCARE SILVER: £529.76
  8. OK will do. Do I write to HBOS/Britannia, or the DCA's who've added the charges?
  9. Bumping this one up, as I'd really appreciate how best to tackle this one
  10. I've just had another look at a snotty letter that I recieved from HBOS last month. I'm not sure about these bits: 'When your account is in arrears it is passed to our collections department. At this point they will try and contact you either by telephone and letter to advise you of the status of your account and to prompt a suitable repayment agreement to be arranged' I've never had any such communication as mentioned above. I am certain they have written to my old address, DESPITE what I mentioned in #10 in this thread. 'However, once 7 months arrears have accrued the account
  11. Thanks Slick, I'll read that now. Do you think I could be in with a chance then? *she asks in a non-legally binding kind of way*
  12. I'm still trying to find out what I can do re PPI, but basically the amount of the loan was £1000. The cost of the PPI (Creditcare silver) is £529 - over half the amount borrowed in the first place. I can't recall exactly where I heard it, but if the amount is disproportionate to the loan (I think so), then they're on dodgy ground. It's something to do with the interest rates too I think. You see now why I'm doing my ppi homework as fast as I can?!
  13. Sorry, yes they have added a few charges here and there - it adds up to just over £86.00. I'm totally against this principle, but judging by other people's posts, I've got off very lightly. I doubt a judge would regard my charges as excessive. Every penny helps though...
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