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  1. after looking at my credit report lowell have put a default notice on it. they wrote to me last year saying i owed them £3000 for an account with capital one i challenged them asking them to send me the original agreement they couldn't and said the account was closed. why then is it on my credit file and can i do anything to get this removed.
  2. no out standing debts i no of am just goin 2 ignore them and c wot happens
  3. am glad i read up bout these ones on here got a letter saying they are contacting me about a debt they dont say how much and who to so i left it like they av said on another thread bout these lot.got another one today saying exactly the same thing not saying how much and who i owe but with different reference number do you think they just randomly sending out letters to me hoping i will contact them?
  4. Ok i think i was naive when taking out this mortgage i was originally contacted by crystal clear i only had 1 item on my credit file which was satisfied. Any way i didnt no wot to do because i had 2 put a roof over ny childrens heads i agreed. i had a 3 year fixed rate motgage with kennsington which comes 2 end in october. Can i use a different company or do i still av 2 av the same company. what i mean is doz this mean our contract will end please any helpwill b gratefull as i am on my own here!
  5. i have my mortgage with kensington its a 3 year fixed rate and finishes in oct 2009 my property is worth 130 thousand i have a 55 thousand mortgage as i put the 75 thousand in from my settlement from divorce. i want to switch companies in oct i have never missed a payment:). i have had dealings on the phone them telling me i am in arrears when i have paid this went on for about 3 months :mad:and have read posts about these lot putting up the interest rate when fixed rate is finished:-?.can anyone help me on the right track of what 2 do.
  6. my friend has had her house repossessed today there seems to me 2 be a bit of wrong doing by mortgage company they took her to court bout 4 months ago she paid most of debt apart from 2 months arrears they told her not to worry bout that so she didnt then they sold her mortgage on she had enough money 2 pay mortgage this month but they wouldnt accept it so today they repossessed her house is this rite can they do this please help
  7. dont send anything! i had same letter as you i just waited took a few weeks then got letter saying they couldnt get original so they sent the debt back to client :roll:haha!
  8. ok taken me four weeks of constant calls to kensington telling me it would be sorted, my cheque had been returned which was a lie but yes today they have found and prossessed my cheque this after only 20 mins after i told them i had sought legal advice and was put through to a manager! now i need to know if they can charge me £9 a month because i dont do direct debit i now put the money in their account not that i dont trust them to take the right amount out of my account on direct debit:rolleyes: please help
  9. help! god these lot do my head in i pay my mortgage on time every month by bankers draft and every month they fone me say they avnt got it then i tell them they av becoz i sent it recorded delivery.any way this month they rang me 2 say not enough funds in ma account i reminded them after speaking 2 2 different people i send a bankers draft oh they said could i check 2 c if they had cashed it ha ha i dont think so check your selfs! today i get the same fone call saying i am in arrears i dont think so i have already told ur workmates i av paid check my account i always pay on time oh yes u do woz the reply so why the hassle!! i feel they want me to default on ma account they are tryin very tactic but they aint gonna beat me i only have 14 months left with them then i am out has anyone else ad same probs?
  10. they took over my mortgage from infinity got a nice letter from kensington telling me i didn't need to do anything they had all my direct debit details. then got a call from them saying my account was in arrears so i was firm with them told them they had not collected the payment ok they said the direct debit details they had must be wrong so i sent them a cheque recorded delivery thank god because had a call again today to say my account was in arrears explained yet again and told them i had proof they had recieved it oh sorry it just hasn't got in the system yet! they have assured me that it wont show up i have arrears but after loking them up on this website am not so sure!! is anyone else having these problems or can any help i have had my mortgage for 14 months and have paid on time every month
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