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  1. thanks for all the advice guys and gals you have all been very helpful. I have two more questions firstly On s.o.a its asks "date incurred" does this mean date took out credit card?and reason for debt?these were taken out along time ago so what should i put down? secondly I have been looking at cardone banking should they close our accounts,has anyone had experience of this account. I have the basic step account and my wife has a basic halifax account(no chequebook or o/d facility.
  2. i have not recieved one yet but will chase one up,never thought of that so cheers Debtinfo. i already have a nat west step account so hopefully that will be ok,just need to sort the wifes out. the company with whom i had the IVA have said to me that now i have the notice of shortfall going bankrupt is the only solution. I suppose thats good enough advice. I have spoken to the mortgage company and they are happy to accept a token payment of £1 until our case is seen to,they will then discuss it with our O/R whatever that means.
  3. thanks debt info when we file our petitions,do we then just take both into gether and state we are married so we get seen at same time?
  4. HI PGH7447 We are paying ourselves out of money which would have paid Iva if not failed. we are worried that it is only a matter of time before our creditors come calling again and with our mortgage company demanding their shortfall we want to get these debts off our back as soon as. we are looking at filing petition towards end of april.
  5. Good evening to you all,i have spent hours resding this excellent forum and need some help. firstly my wife and I are preparing to go bankrupt after a failed iva and just recieving notice of mortgage shortfall after repossesion total £83000. how do we file a joint petition?I know we have to fill individual forms etc is there any form we have to fill in? secondly we have a child on dissability allowance,can this be used towards paying debts. thirdly our son has a savings account with my wife as trustee can this be used by the 0R lastly our son being autistic loves his tv will they let us keep our sky hd package his condition means we dont go out much at all sohe would be lost without his telly. i know there is alot of questions but we need to go into this prepared many thanks:confused:
  6. I have written twice to lloydsmaking offer of payment along with outs and ins. both times they have failed to respond and keep sending letters and hhave said they will recover payments from my account. thats fine I no longer use that account plus its over my overdraft limit. they also keep leaving me automated messages on home and mobile saying "please contact us urgently regarding your account"dont they employ humans anymore? I am now going to reclaim any charges on my account and requesting CCA currently oweing about £15000.
  7. I am having the same problem,I have now sent two letters asking to reduce payments accompanied by expenditure sheets and still no reply. I cancelled direct debit(account also with lloyds)and they still took a payment. I now have my wages paid into another bank.
  9. I Have Debts Around £42000 And Have £342.00 Left For Creditors.
  10. HI can anybody give give advice on payplan through either using them or what you`ve heard. just an option lookin at thanks barney:?:
  11. no I haven`t ,sorry if this sounds ignorant but what is the purpose of this? this is all new territory to me. I do appreciate your advice this all souds a bit daunting to start with. barney
  12. sorry its c/c £5000 have not made full payments now for 5 mths
  13. Hello To All Had A Letter Back From Co-op Regarding Requesting A Payment Offer (pro-rata) They Are Requesting Proof Of Income Mortgage Statements Proof Of Debts To Other Creditors They Want These Within 14 Days Before Arrangement May Be Made. Should I Do This?
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