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  1. Hi Dont pay, use the template letters and after a while they will go away. I had dealings with the same company and have now not had anything from them in a couple of months.
  2. Mouse, My wife received exactly the same off these people at Ashton Moss. After finding this site we followed the advise. After about two months of letter writing they have it seems, finally given up. Its now been five weeks since we last heard from them. Follow the template letters and dont give in to the threats that will come. Best of luck.
  3. Use the template letters. I had the same off ukpc. If you stick it out they go away eventually. As Barnsley Boy says, dont pay.
  4. Barnsley Boy, The company are Hunter Forrest & Co has anybody heard of them? It wasnt a premium line so hopfully no damage done. Thannk again.
  5. Hi Lhanks for the advise. I have now recieved a letter from their debt collectors and i phoned to tell them the debt was in dispute. The lady who answered seemed very disinterested and asked for it in writing which I have now done. Will keep you posted.
  6. Hi All My wife left her car in Ashton Moss car park (Manchester) and parked across the white lines. The car park is free. She received a parking fine of £40 for this that has now been increased to £80 after we have followed the advise given on this site and asked for evidence of the offence against the owner/keeper. We have now received a final reminder that states the liability for the parking charge lies with the owner/keeper and if payment is not made then the debt will be forwarded to a debt recovery agency. The reason I am posting this is for any words of advise or moral su
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