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  1. Well things get stranger - haven't had a chance to call British Gas since I last posted as had a family member ill in hospital and have spent most of my time there. Got home yesterday at 21.00 (after a day at work and then the hospital) to find a lovely letter from Wescot regarding the British Gas account. Now the letter arrived with me yesterday (13th December) and the post mark was second class, but according to the letter itself it was generated on 26th November (3 weeks ago) and had in big bold letters Failure to action by 10th December could result in blah blah etc. How are they
  2. thank you will try ringing british gas this evening and let you know how i get on tomorrow.
  3. but if British Gas have sold on the original debt which i presume they did - then I would have to contact Meritforce?
  4. Hi I am new! I have already posted a thread on here today regarding one of my other creditors - so apologies if I should have put this in that thread. I am just so grateful I have found this site where I don't feel embarrassed to talk about the problems I have and can actually see people who have been in my position and have got through it. Some years ago I had a loan with Barclays bank, who I also banked with. I then got made redundant and had to take a lower paid job in 2003 and I struggled with the debt. I spoke to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, who made an appointment with
  5. Oh my god - I cannot believe this thread!! I only came across this website this morning when doing some research but you guys have been so helpful. I have been dealing with Bryan Carter for the past year. They now have control of my Egg Card debt. Unfortunately I have not received any letters from them since Nov 2006(which was when they received the debt) - and I pay them £50.00 a month on a card that they sent me for use with Paypoint machines. The only correspondence I have had from them is if I am a day late paying the £50.00 they send me a SMS text saying this is Bryan
  6. Hi everyone Firstly can I say what a great website this is - and I feel very empowered by reading your messages. I am concerned over a SMS text I have received and wonder whether I could get some advice. Sometime ago I started to receive text messages from Mackenzie Hall asking me to contact them immediately. I did not respond to these as I thought whoever they were they would write to me if they wanted to speak to me - which they never did. All I have received for the past 7 or so months are SMS text messages every couple of weeks asking me to call, which I have never done.
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