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  1. Thanks again Ida, Problem with a time to pay would be that I already had a payment plan that unfortunately I defaulted on, so I think it would be unlikely they would consider this. if the account arrestment is not fruitful for them am I right in assumming they will then go for an earnings arrestment, or can they do both at the same time. Also what would be the likelihood of them going for sequestration. kind regards, John
  2. Hi Crocdoc, many thanks for the response, and yours Ida, both much appreciated. Am I right in thinking they cannot arrest my bank accounts until after the 14 days timer to pay has expired. Reason being that will take the time frtame to the 29/10 and I get paid on the 27/10, so I coulkd take out moneies from my account and leave in only the threshold amount, or a minimal balance. What would be the implications of this.
  3. Hi Guys, I was served with a charge for payment yesterday by Stirling Park. it states Ihave 14 days to pay the outstanding sum of £763. I am not going to be able to pay this amount in the specified time scale, what do you think the outcome will be and what should I do. I am in full time employment and already have one earnings arrestment which is due to expire April next year. I am frantic with worry as I fear they will arrest my bank accounts and that will cause chaos to me. Any advice thankfully welcome.
  4. Hi again, I am assuming the 12+2 time status has passed. John
  5. Hin Stuart, I have in the past had a lot of superb advice from Ida, if she has intimated using the dispute letter that is the road I would consider using. Never known her to give poor advice in the past and not likely to do so now. Kind regards, John
  6. Thanks Ida, though somewhat confused. If Lowell have obviously purchased the debt from Vodafone, surely the onus is on them to provide evidence of entitlement etc. John
  7. Hi Ida, Many thanks for the info. I requested a copy of the original T&C from Lowell, who stated they did not need to provide these as the agreement was not covered by the CC Act. Surley I can request a copy of the original contract and the T&C, and if they cannot provide these the debt would therefore be deemed unenforceable? Kind regards, John
  8. Hi, Lowell have issued a default notice on my credit file for a Vodafone contract agreement that is not covered by the consumer credit act, as Lowell informed me when I asked for a CCA. My question is, how can they issue a default when they are not the originator of the contract? and can I request its removal from my file as it is now the only 'black mark' on my file. Cheers guys.
  9. Hi guys, Anyone had dealings with this company. have been recieving phone calls to my work and letter to home, usual stuff. have sent them a letter of harrassment and request for CCa, both by recorded delivery. Wanted to know their track record , if anyone knows.
  10. Many thanks Elliesnan, will try and locate the letter and send it as notes. Much appreciated.
  11. I CCA'd hampton Legal for a debt they say I owe to Vodafone. Recieved a reply from RED stating this is not covered bt the Consumer Credit Act. Is this true and if so what is it covered by. they say I must pay up or legal action will ensue. any advice would be welcome. Cheers guys.
  12. Not a problem scott, much appreciated your advice and Rory's intervention , the combination of the two gave me confidence to tell them to go forth and multiply. regards, John
  13. Sorry Scott (Scoot) typing error.
  14. Cheers Scoot, Much appreciated. I did not make an appointment nor invite them to visit, therefore I will send them the letter and advise accordingly. kind regards, John PS does the law of tresspass apply in Scotland??????
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