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  1. The same was done for me, but its all down to risk assesment by the ward manager!
  2. Update... Had a call from the CEO office yesterday and they have decided to provide me with £200.00 compensation!
  3. Well it has been pased to the CEOs office. Mind you, that made me chukel. I was told that someone did that for me... I think that it may had have something to do with the email that I sent him... They are quoting the 8 weeks for an inverstigation - its so bad!
  4. i really cant remember - I think it was the day that I moved in... I did pay a £200 holding deposit on the 31/03/07
  5. Hi I move into my property on the 30/04/07, but I signed the tenance a month before - does this matter with regards to the TDS? Thanks
  6. Ok - This is not anything to do with bank charges - but I was not too sure where to post... The Story! On payday 31/07/08 my lovley employer, as usual deposited a sum of money in my account, so that I would have the pleasure of using it to pay them bad councl tax people, and that lovley landlady of mine... I log onto [EDIT] Abbey On-Line Banking and try to set up an online payment. I mean, this is why I went with Abbey, they have internet banking... Now, i tried a few times to get the payment to go throug, but nothing happened... I then contacted the telephone banking service to ask whats up. I was told that this was due to a "system error" and that it should be up and working by the end of the day... Ok I thought, not too bad... So I tried again, but you guessed it, it did not work. I called them again and I put through to the internet service people. They confirmed that NO payments were on there system, and that if I did it again on line I could give them the recept number to see if it worked... Yup - you guessed, it was not on there system also... "Give it a couple of days, and then try again." So thats what I did. On the 4th Aug, I was able to make one payment go through, and that was to my landlady - Great, I wont be kicked out, but the CT still would not go through, so I made a debit card payment... All good... Bills all done... On the 8th, I logged onto the banking system again as I tend to do this on a daily basis... Well Bugger me with a pink feather... £400.00 & £138.00 was taken out of my account... WHOOOO I thought, this is not right... On the phone to there silly indian call centre, who were as useful as a chocolate teapot... "Please put me to a manager." I say, "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." "Why not?" "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." "now, I have asked nicley, please put me thorugh to a manage" "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." And the bugger hung up on me... So I tried again, and got a UK call centre, "Can I please speak to a manager?" "Whats it conserning?" So I expained the above... "Just putting you on hold." Now, I love music, but OH MY GOOOOOOD... I have started to have visions of me doing a merry dance... I was wrong, no visions, I was swaying with the music... "Just putting you throuh" Team leader Nam, now she was helpful to a degree - "If you had called before 2.30pm then I would be able to stop this payment" "Hang on a wee second, you took money from my account, on a friday - I have no money and you saying there is nothing you can do?" "That correct. But you will have all the funds on Monday" "But I have no money now" "Do you have a credit card?" "Why?" "You can use that" "Erm... But i dont have one, and this is your error, not mine..." "I will get someone from complaints to contact you this evening, or Saturday" Well, was not much I could do really, so I waited... and waited.... and waited... No call backs, no money... I have now been informed that I will have to wait 8 weeks while they investigate... I have had the 400 back... its just the 138 that I still want... Anything I can do?
  7. Personaly, and I may be compleatly wrong... But if you dont know who to pay then dont... JOKE!!! Seriously, send Kays the £50.00 per month as thats who the debt was orriganly with...
  8. Hirwaun! Hell I used to live there, the Springfield Gardens... It really is a strange place!
  9. When did you move in? was the deposit places into a TDS?
  10. I have just gotten a letter from VM telling me that becuase over the past year, they have credited, wait for it....... £340, and they they will no longer credit me anymore - lol
  11. I know - thats why I answered them... But in the quote... Sorry... Quote: Originally Posted by MrShed Yes - but how much is your monthly rent? £400.00 Is the landlord resident in the property also? Nope MrShed, do you ever sleep?
  12. Another Q - are we not at HA 2004 now? Does this make a diffrence?
  13. Under part 1 of the housing Act 1988 as amended under part 3 of the housing Act 1996 Now this is the tennancy that I have, I live with 3 others in one house, will with own room, and use of the house. We are all under our own tennancy and do not know each other! I have the tenance on the 30th April 2008 and paid a deposit of £400 - Should this have been proected? Thanks
  14. Ok - Im my experiance in renting from someone and living in "there" home. I have only had one tennance "agreement" in a written format. The others have been all verble. You have to be careful in what you are offering. Do they have the full use of the house (can they watch TV in the sitting room) or can they only have room, kitchen and bathroom. You also have a months rent as a deposit, so IF they did a bunk, then you would have that to pay for any bills. Also, if the do give you 30 days notice, then it will give you time to get the bills in, and advise what is needed to pay - then you can give the depost at the end.
  15. After reading this thread - I am not sure you would be the right person to live with. I have lived in MANY homes, as a lodger, and we dont all do a bunk! In your situation, there really does need to be some trust involved, and it seems that you are lavcking this
  16. Hi, im sure that its 12 months. (added after reading to end - For once I had learnt something correct off this site!)
  17. I enjoyed this interview, not been to one in 3 years! (and 3 years to the day).
  18. Im still waiting for my call... 1st Interview went really well, and was asked there and then to attend a 2nd interview... Not sure how that one went if you know what I mean!
  19. No slanning match here, I am just pointing out the facts that the OP has given. While I understand that you have childern, and are conserned for there well being, the LL/LA gave you 2 months notice to find a new property (which by the looks of it you have). Its NOT the LL fault that the start date for your new property is 13 days later. Thats YOUR responcibility.
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