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  1. The same was done for me, but its all down to risk assesment by the ward manager!
  2. Update... Had a call from the CEO office yesterday and they have decided to provide me with £200.00 compensation!
  3. Well it has been pased to the CEOs office. Mind you, that made me chukel. I was told that someone did that for me... I think that it may had have something to do with the email that I sent him... They are quoting the 8 weeks for an inverstigation - its so bad!
  4. i really cant remember - I think it was the day that I moved in... I did pay a £200 holding deposit on the 31/03/07
  5. Hi I move into my property on the 30/04/07, but I signed the tenance a month before - does this matter with regards to the TDS? Thanks
  6. Ok - This is not anything to do with bank charges - but I was not too sure where to post... The Story! On payday 31/07/08 my lovley employer, as usual deposited a sum of money in my account, so that I would have the pleasure of using it to pay them bad councl tax people, and that lovley landlady of mine... I log onto [EDIT] Abbey On-Line Banking and try to set up an online payment. I mean, this is why I went with Abbey, they have internet banking... Now, i tried a few times to get the payment to go throug, but nothing happened... I then contacted the telephone banking service to ask whats up. I was told that this was due to a "system error" and that it should be up and working by the end of the day... Ok I thought, not too bad... So I tried again, but you guessed it, it did not work. I called them again and I put through to the internet service people. They confirmed that NO payments were on there system, and that if I did it again on line I could give them the recept number to see if it worked... Yup - you guessed, it was not on there system also... "Give it a couple of days, and then try again." So thats what I did. On the 4th Aug, I was able to make one payment go through, and that was to my landlady - Great, I wont be kicked out, but the CT still would not go through, so I made a debit card payment... All good... Bills all done... On the 8th, I logged onto the banking system again as I tend to do this on a daily basis... Well Bugger me with a pink feather... £400.00 & £138.00 was taken out of my account... WHOOOO I thought, this is not right... On the phone to there silly indian call centre, who were as useful as a chocolate teapot... "Please put me to a manager." I say, "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." "Why not?" "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." "now, I have asked nicley, please put me thorugh to a manage" "We cant do that Mr Heartopp." And the bugger hung up on me... So I tried again, and got a UK call centre, "Can I please speak to a manager?" "Whats it conserning?" So I expained the above... "Just putting you on hold." Now, I love music, but OH MY GOOOOOOD... I have started to have visions of me doing a merry dance... I was wrong, no visions, I was swaying with the music... "Just putting you throuh" Team leader Nam, now she was helpful to a degree - "If you had called before 2.30pm then I would be able to stop this payment" "Hang on a wee second, you took money from my account, on a friday - I have no money and you saying there is nothing you can do?" "That correct. But you will have all the funds on Monday" "But I have no money now" "Do you have a credit card?" "Why?" "You can use that" "Erm... But i dont have one, and this is your error, not mine..." "I will get someone from complaints to contact you this evening, or Saturday" Well, was not much I could do really, so I waited... and waited.... and waited... No call backs, no money... I have now been informed that I will have to wait 8 weeks while they investigate... I have had the 400 back... its just the 138 that I still want... Anything I can do?
  7. Personaly, and I may be compleatly wrong... But if you dont know who to pay then dont... JOKE!!! Seriously, send Kays the £50.00 per month as thats who the debt was orriganly with...
  8. Hirwaun! Hell I used to live there, the Springfield Gardens... It really is a strange place!
  9. When did you move in? was the deposit places into a TDS?
  10. I have just gotten a letter from VM telling me that becuase over the past year, they have credited, wait for it....... £340, and they they will no longer credit me anymore - lol
  11. I know - thats why I answered them... But in the quote... Sorry... Quote: Originally Posted by MrShed Yes - but how much is your monthly rent? £400.00 Is the landlord resident in the property also? Nope MrShed, do you ever sleep?
  12. Another Q - are we not at HA 2004 now? Does this make a diffrence?
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