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  1. So update. I Have rang santander today who have said they did not receive the letter I sent them even though I tracked it and they signed for it. Went through the letter on the phone but they have said they have made their final decision and the only option is to go to the fos. Any advice? ??
  2. When they refinanced it they set up a new loan without ppi and paid off the old one. We have a settlement letter that shows a rebate of ppi.
  3. So this is my response to their Letter what do you think? Dear xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for you recent correspondence regarding my payment protection policy complaint. After receiving the letter from you back in 2009, I contacted you to enquire whether I had any payment protection on my loan and I was told I did not. This was because the loan had been refinanced. So I took no further action. Firstly I would like to draw your attention to the second to last paragraph, where it states: “If we have not heard from you by (response date) we will assume that you are satisfied w
  4. Ok many thanks I will type up a response and post it here first then send it with an sar.
  5. So reading the 2 links you have put up. because they wrote to my wife in 2009 and we did nothing about it we can no longer make a claim? I remember her getting the letter and checking her current loan and it did not have ppi so we did nothing. It was only down to having a clear out we found an old settlement letter with a statement showing she did previously have ppi.
  6. Hi My wife has tried to claim for ppi from a loan that ended in June 2007. She has recieved a letter today stating that the case has now been closed because they wrote to her in 2009 to say she might be entitled to something if she contacted them, which she never did as she was unaware she had payment protection. as the restructured loan did not have any ppi attached to it. They are now saying because its been over 3 years since they wrote to her and she did not respond it has now been time barred and the case has been closed. Any advice on where to go next?
  7. Hi No it doesn't say its their final offer. it does say that "this plan is not an insurance product" but they say their applications department did call me and they would have also fully explained the the benefits of the repayment option plan. and it would have been on this call that i would have agreed to to the plan. it goes on to state that it would have been included in my welcome pack and has been itemised on my monthly statement since 2006. Where should i go from here???
  8. I have had a response from them that states it would have been mentioned in my welcome call and as it has been on every statement since i had the card they will not refund my premiums. any ideas on how top proceed
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