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  1. I have noted it in the SAR but I want Ocean finance to confirm what they have done with my data as well. No worries I will plough on Thanks
  2. I am sending them the SAR, that isn't the issue. I want to see what the application looked like to Blemain from Ocean Finance
  3. The loan was arranged by Ocean Finance with Blemain (now Together money) . I want to see the original application documents but it seems that records have been lost due to the changes of ownership of Ocean Finance. I am checking out the viability of reporting them under data protection and FDR.
  4. Also if anyone is interested, I originally applied for the loan via Ocean Finance, I chased them today for a copy of my original application form as I believe there may be discrepancies that I want to check. Please see the reply from Ocean Finance below. It seems that my documents and data are lost, the name Ocean Finance still exists so I have asked for details of their compliance officer "Thank you for your email. You have requested information relating to a loan that we believe you had previously taken through Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limite
  5. Hi can you please send me the link to the correct template to use, can you also confirm if it can be sent via email Thanks for the prompt reply
  6. Hi I can see by the the listings that I am not alone in having difficulties with Blemain. I took out a loan with them via Ocean Finance in October 2006. The loan was 13K with a credit charge of 18K. The term was 180 months at £176.37 . I know the terms were bad but I was self employed and had run into difficulties with my main lender so my home was at risk. I have asked them repeatedly for some sample figures but they persist in sending out a 20 + page statement. The latest figures that I asked for are as follows As at March 2019 I had paid
  7. I found all if the names of the current directors and finally got someone to take me seriously. Strangely enough I emailed their collections team last week to ask why the length of the loan had not reduced when I have been paying £20 over the correct sum each month. I received a letter on Saturday informing me that they had made an error and they have credited me £890. I have passed the letter to the director who has responded. I have also asked to go over every penny of every charge and overpayment dating back to 2006 when the loan started. This i
  8. Thanks for the replies, they applied for and got an eviction date of September 26th. I am going to have to pay the arrears and get it dropped. My main reason for posting was the hope that I could find someone who would know if I could challenge the validity of the loan in some way. I have sent a copy of the loan agreement that shows the brokerage and arrangement fees etc but I don't hold out much help. In the meantime I am saddled with another 5 years at £180 per month which totals another £10k. Bearing in mind the original loan was only 13k and I have
  9. I am aware that people have problems with this company who now call themselves "together Money". Mine is a sorry tale, back in 2006 I ran into problems with my main mortgage lender as I was out of work. I started to get eviction letters so panicked and went to Ocean Finance for assistance, they pointed me at Blemain. I borrowed 13k, this was to clear any arrears and hopefully leave me a few pounds. I barely received a penny, the arrears were cleared but I was charged an arrangement fee and a brokerage fee which amounted to nearly £1000. On reflection I should
  10. HP were the same with me so I went to the retailer direct. I pointed out to Comet that under EU law they had to look after clients for 2 years not 1. I ended up finding the email address of the chief executive and sent him mails detailiing the problem. They were reluctant but they picked up my sons machine and left him a loaner unit. They replaced the motherboard and wifi components and delivered it back within a fortnight. If you didn't buy direct from HP I would go to the retailer. I would point out that it is a known problem and HP did recall and repair units in North America there is lots
  11. Thanks for the reply, I have been looking through boxes of old papers but I have nothing on this. They have never provided a copy of the agreement. Their own log states that they requested a copy of the agreement themselves but they don't reflect receipt. Again according to their log they wrote to advise that they secured a charging order on the beneficial interest on the property. Am I totally screwed ? I don't know teh date of the original loan but it must have been in 2002-2003. They still haven't sent me through the agreement. What grounds do I have to request a set aside
  12. I am sorry if I am not being clear but I am having problems understanding what to do. The court want me to attend to provide a statement of means. I have not seen any court documentation but I assume as they have a charging order that is why I am being called to court. I still though don't have a copy of the original agreement. I do know I haven't paid anything to these people. Can I have this thrown out on teh basis that they have not provided the original agreement
  13. The original was an order to attend court for questioning, this is for the purpose of ascertaining my ability to pay. The claimant or Judgement creditor is shown as Link
  14. Thanks for the replies. Firstly the court did not respond or reply to any of my letters and the manager did not call back. Secondly, according to the log they forwarded a letter back in october 2008 stating that they had secured a charging order. Their involvement first started in July 2005. Looking again at the log they wrote to HBOS for a copy on March 2nd this year (following my request).
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