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  1. Ok tried to call however was told it was auto generated email even though it didn't seem like one and was advised to wait in a response to my complaints so no further forward on this one
  2. Added wonga on to this list now had an email asking to call them how should I address this?
  3. Ok next is perfect homes 3 quarters of the way through however now in discussions with Step change, I do know insurance etc where all added without given the choice on this, any advice? Template letters etc on how to deal with these muppets! Have read it can be difficult dealing with them!
  4. So after sending an email to one of the above in regards to irresponsible lending, I have just logged in on one of the accounts and the account has vanished offline as if it didn't exist? Very strange!
  5. Good Morning Tackling payday loans next there is two companies I have emailed to advise of irresponsible lending and requesting refunds. One has acknowledged the complaint so far! Any advise on what to expect and what to do next Paydayuk Wageday advance
  6. I'm sure it was rolled over looking at it one loan paid of another to take out a new one I believe does that make sense?
  7. I couldn't possibly say! How would I have evidence of this? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question
  8. Hey all Not been on here in while! ok so here goes My wife has got herself into a bit of debt without my knowledge and is now struggling to make payments etc due to us moving home and the expense that has caused so Im starting with Provident She had been paying nearly £60 a week to provident for a £2200 loan it looks it split into 2 different loans £700 Flat rate interest 68.50% APR 191.20% £1500 same interest rates as above this is causing a great deal of grief in the household soo please could anyone help with advise on how to go about tackling
  9. Ok after sending those emails as above I have had loads of voicemails and texts left to contact them and threatening me with loads of charges dispite my payment proposal which has been ignored. should i just continue ignoring them or is there anything else i should be sending via email etc?
  10. Thats not too bad sounds like you got a good guy to deal with.
  11. oh thanks for all the help so far, that letter is soo good.
  12. Does this sound ok to send via email??? Dear sir, I am writing in relation to communication from your company I now require all further correspondence from your company to be made via email only as requested in my last email and request that any telephone calls stop with immidiate effect. Thanks for your understanding
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