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  1. Thanks for this advice; does it apply to a debit card?
  2. In August, I purchased some Aveda perfume from a US ebay seller, paying via paypal. When I finally received it, many weeks later, it was clear that it was not Aveda; I wouldn't like to say what it was. I contacted the seller, who agreed to refund the cost, on receipt of returned goods. I filed a complaint with paypal,as I felt that dodgy perfume could be very dangerous if applied to the skin, plus, I wasn't happy about having to pay shipping costs to and from America for shoddy goods. Paypal said I would be entitled to a refund of the cost of the goods (but not postage), on
  3. Creation has taken over management of a storecard for a department store which was, until recently, a local, family owned business, Robbs' of Hexham. Creation are remiss about sending out statements; when I didn't receive one for August, I had to contact them, and they still attempted to impose a late fee of £20, waived only after I wrote to their 'collections manager'. The person I'd originally spoken to on the telephone was extemely rude. I did not receive a statement for October, and the same thing happened; I had to telephone an expensive 0870 number, and was treated quite rudely. I
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