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  1. Oddly, paragraphs are back, in BOTH browsers! Anyway, Windows 7 Professional with IE 8 and Firefox 11
  2. Sorry about paragraphs. I submitted with PGs and then also edited to put them back in but the forum/browser keeps removing carriage returns. EDIT: Also tried Firefox and IE.... dunno whats going on with that!
  3. Hi Guys, not sure where this should be in subforums so posted here, i'm sure a mod will move it if required I've emigrated and before I did, i have had a company come in and pack the contents of my house up and put it in storage. I then realised I am going to be abroad for a long time and started looking into shipping it. It was at this point i came across hundreds of REALLY bad reviews, by far and away make Pickfords etc look good!, for this X company. Anyway, I decided to stick with them as they came in quite cheap and they were going to charge a fortune for another company to collect my stuff. I paid them the shipping contract about a month ago and now, when we ring to chase (as it should have shipped by now), all we get is "I'm afraid transport can't talk right now" or we get "We'll call you back"... a solid wall. We have no idea when or if our stuff will be shipped and in the meantime they are charging us £200 a month storage! I can't get stroppy and say"I'm no longer paying storage as its your delay" as they will dump my stuff on the street!I am also worried that when they ship, they won't tell me and it may sit in customs storage here collecting huge fees. How can I force them in to action and also force them to be prompt in telling me my shipping is here? Any ideas? Of course, factor in that i'm also living in the middle east and so I can't just pop round to the offices I know SOGA very well but I fear this is more Supply and Services? Thanks in advance!
  4. I don't know off the top of my head but, as the contract was only for 12 months (which are long past), isn't it irrelevant?
  5. Hi Guys this has probably been covered but after a quick look I couldn't find it, sorry if it is recent duplication! Just want to check as I think I know the answer but, always good to confirm it, just in case We've been in a property that was all registered correctly through TDS etc and came with a 12 month contract. This contract has now finished by some extra 8 or 9 months and we have NOT signed a new contract, despite one being issued. Does this mean we are now down to the notice period of 1 month?
  6. Hi Plodder, thank you for the response! I must admit, unlike the rest of this situation, i've done little research so, following on from your reply I think the first thing I'll do is look up a . It seems unfair that because the "one man band" for invoicing purposes only company had to exist, that I had it based at my home, that they can come in and cease anything there! Surely though, if the address of the office is diferent from my home, they have no legal right to access my home at all? Whats the diference to the address being Unit 1 and "88 Someother street"? Would any bailif order not have to specify the address exactly and only authorise them access to that specific address i.e. "Unit 1"? I'll gladly leave the laptop in the office! No director of a company that had an office somewhere else would ever have to concern himself with this. edit: Sorry, you are correct, its a LTD company which I am on the verge of inviting HMRC to wind-up
  7. Hey guys, so I'm an IT contractor and without going into detail, I am insolvent (loss of contract etc). Whilst I start the process of winding down the company i've been told that "distraint" may be actioned on me ... which I think means bailifs. The thing that pish's me off about this is that the company only has a laptop as an asset, and thats it, but because of the way the law is I have to prove EVERYTHING in the house is NOT the companies or they take it! (well withing reason, not beds etc). So, I want them to only access company assets and I have an idea to make this fair: a bit of an "out there idea" but, i'm worried about the very, very small chance "distraint" will be actioned on me whilst I try to sort this mess out. Now, as "the company" is no longer paying rent or contributions to the utilities I feel it should also not occupy any space in the house. To that end, I have an empty, water tight and semi-secure shed. Would I be within my rights to have a sign put on this calling it "Unit 1", put a postbox on the main gate saying "Unit 1" and put the company plaque on the shed. I'm thinking that I can then move the paperwork, laptop, a small desk and chair into it and write to HMRC and anyone else involved with the company (bank for example) informing them of its new address at "Unit 1, 100 Street, Town, County". That way, *if* bailifs come over, they would have no reason or right to access my private house itself and I can point them to the office. Is this too much of a blag? Although as the company no longer pays its share of rent etc, I think its fair. Remember - these are company debts, not mine and i'm trying to make that distinction should I need to.
  8. Hi Guys I purchased a quality touchscreen tft. After a few months its now developed a bright white pixel in the middle. As its touchscreen, gloss glass I dare not try and massage it and so I now consider this faulty. I have contacted the retailer but they keep saying it was sold as a class 2. When purchasing, I honestly did not see any mention of Class 2 either on the products webpage or in the ToC's. I've also looked recently and they still don't have this mentioned. So this seems to me to be the following: SOGA - no longer fit for purpose SOGA - not free from minor defect SOGA - No mention of ISO standard or Class ISO standard - not advertised/marked up as Class 2 on the retailers website so, by the ISO Standards rules, deemed class 1 ASA - flaky this one - but not advertised correctly? Missing the important Class 2 definition? The retailer keeps telling me all the info is available on the manufacturers website but they seem to be ignoring my responses that I don't deal with the manufacturer, the agreement is with the retailer and its the retailers responsibility to advertise the product informativley including any standards they may rely on later. Next step i'm assuming is Trading Standards (to make them aware of poor standards) and Small Claims Court? Do I understand the issue correctly? (Remember, I'm not trying to say that I don't know what dead pixels are, I am trying to say that I purchased a quality monitor in good faith where no mention of ISO was made and so by implication should be defect free as it was when purchased.)
  9. I've tried to talk to them but they insist on keeping the entire deposit despite the fact they changed the contract (without my consent!) AFTER the contract had been agreed. I assume I actually need to bring this case against the licenese holder? (It appears to be a privatley owned pub)
  10. I am SOOOO confused as this is in direct oposite and implies a legal subsidy towards your solicitor! http://www.lawpack.co.uk/business/money-and-tax/articles/article970.asp
  11. Thanks for the response. So, that leaves me in a dilema then? Do I try and do this alone OR do I pay for my own legal advice (roughly £150) and stand a better chance of winning? This, quite frankly, is Boswellox. I am STILL going to be out of pocket ....... thanks UK Legal System.
  12. Why???? This is a DEBT forum, I don't have a DEBT problem ... I have a CREDIT problem! lol Also, its a retail issue - its for a wedding venue deposit. edit: on a diferent note, there are FAR to many "subforums"... makes it impossible to find the right place or information.
  13. Hey guys i want to put in a claim against someone for about £600 but, before I do this I want to see a solicitor to help me word the Small Claims documentation. As this will be a fixed fee, say £150 for example, am I allowed to claim for £750? Cheers, Stuart
  14. I like the idea of a windowed envelope and something like your suggesting "Cheque Enclosed" printed on the outside..... If I were to hand deliver, would a friend be OK as a witness (and maybe a copy of the days newspaper?) in the video of me delivering it? (You have to love video phones, everyone has a camcorder all the time now!)
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