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  1. Hi Sean Glad to hear that your court bundle is being sent off, both to the bank and court. This is the final hurdle at which people could have tripped up on, for instance, if they failed to submit on time. Barclays will now know that the only thing between them and an appearance in court is time. But they will leave it till the last minute before sending you a letter to say here you go, heres all the money you asked for. When they do (since it won't be a case of if they do), take your time, make sure the money is in your account before you inform the courts of an agreed settlement. Also cross out any part which mentions about not telling anyone of the details of the settlement. I did and they still paid up, but to be on the safe side, make sure the money is in our account before you mention anything on here. At this stage it simply becomes a waiting game, but you will in the end, win and that is the main thing. Regards
  2. Time to update peeps about my claim, which was due to go to court on the 23rd January. Barclays have sent a letter giving me the full amount claimed, so time to chalk up another one to the Bank Forum, time to update the survey, and to make a donation to this wonderful cause. Hold tight everyone, you will win in the end - even I thought at times I wouldn't. ChesterB, no need to keep everything crossed now, money has been repaid! (Your other half can breathe a sign of relief now... ) (I mean you can walk properly without falling over, infact live normally now.) xxx
  3. Hi ChesterB. Would love to update you, but hopefully will have some good news either Tuesday or Wednesday... I will post/PM you first with the news... xxx
  4. Hi Sean. The capital letter part of the court request looks as though the courts are finally waking up to the fact that many of these cases (if not all), never actually make it to court. so they may have double booked the court room in the knowledge that if the first case is settled early, the chances are so will the second. Thus they have cleared two cases in the space of one hearing allocation. Who knows, perhaps someone has been told that they are third in the line for that time slot, and are told that if either of the first two are effective then expect a new date. You can send the court bundle when they request it, they normally will give you a date by which any documents relating to the case must be submitted. Otherwise the case is thrown out. Better be earlier than pannick like me. My court date is/was for the 23rd January and I've just received a letter through today, the outcome will be posted on my thread! You could try emailing Ms Connelly (PM me and I'll give you her email address) as a starter. I never got any phone calls.... The end is nigh for your case, and soon you'll be able to put this thread to bed! HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  5. Hi ChesterB. The cover sheet for the Court Bundle had all my contact details on (mobile number, email address, etc) so I'm hoping to get a phone call or email soon. I'll give Barclays till Wednesday/Thursday before I initiate contact.
  6. In sixteen days time, I'm due up in court, just wondering if anyone on these forums (more importantly Barclays) due in court sooner? As I am hoping to hear from Barclays sometime in the next week. Failing that, who is the best person to phone in Barclays litigation team to get an out of court settlement? Cheers.... PS. Since no one has replied to coffee and biscuits for a morning out in Northampton, I'll throw in lunch too....
  7. Court Bundles have been sent off on recieved by both Barclays litigation team and Northampton County Court (Royal Mail Special Delivery). Now considering the Court Date is a mere 17 days to go, anyone in the Northants area fancy a morning out? Coffe, tea and biscuits will be provided. servercountdown A count down to the hour I'm due up in court against Barclays... Knowing my luck, they'll turn up as well.
  8. The AQ was filed around the middle of October, possibly as late as the 21st. The first I heard after this was the 11th December, so just under two months at the worse case. Although I got a letter through on the 15th December giving me a court date, either thought the letter of the 11th was looking at a date somewhere in March / April.
  9. Hi there, I'm in the process of compiling my court bundle for a deadline date of the 8th January (posting tomorrow) with a date of the 23rd January for the smalls claim court. I did phone up the court and ask that isn't the timing tight, to which the lady laughed and said that it probably wouldn't come to that (fingers crossed).
  10. Long time no post, I hope anyone reading this had a half decent Christmas. I'm just about to compile my Court Bundle, do I need to include the bank statements to Barclays? (I will be including the pages with the court bundle which had a charge, for the courts to see.) 20 days to go till court date...
  11. Survey completed, for two of my victories, just waiting for the big one (in court 23rd January with Barclays).
  12. Hi everyone, Just to let you know Smile paid up in full!!!!!! Without resorting to MCOL or the courts, although they were very close... Cheers... (Now if only Barclays would)
  13. Chester I was looking forward to a court date sometime in March / April based on the timescales set down by the court. However, I've just recieved a court date for 23rd January 2007! So although you may be thinking that the court date is years away, be prepared for it suddenly arriving. I am wondering if this is a ploy by the courts, knowing that the Banks will settle out of court. We can all hope! Have a good Xmas...
  14. Hi HeidiK Its been a while since I've been on this site, but this week has seen a flurry of activity from the courts. I first recieved a letter asking for me to send a schedule of charges etc, and to have them at the court (either though I've sent them already) by the 7th January. Then they stated that Barclays have until the beginning of February to reply before a court date will be issued. I now have recieved a letter giving me a court date of 23rd January! You mention about a court bundle, is this similar to the one suggested in the FAQ's, or have you added your own stuff? (Just need to get one prepared as knowing my luck it'll go all the way.) Cheers...
  15. Hi Sean. I've heard contrasting results from people phoning there banks, and I think it depends on how far down the line in your claim you are as to the results. If you phone too earlier in the process, you may come across as being uneasy about the whole process which will give them more incentive to stick with the original offer they made. I have two claims against Barclays, one at a very late stage and the other at the beginning (or was). They made an offer of 75% (well of the true claim as opposed to the submitted clam), and wouldn't meet me half way between what I wanted and what they were offering, despite them knowing that I had a court date with them! (I settled due to needing the money to pay for Xmas. Missus referred it to the Barclays involuntarily savings scheme.) As for my original, first case, I'm keeping fingers crossed that they start getting in touch with me over the next four weeks (court date is due on the 23rd January), begging for a settlement figure. Now time to get everything together, including the court bundle just incase they decide to defend. Anyone fancy a morning out in Northampton (home of MCOL). Refreshments will be provided - lol. Nearly forgot, as for speeding things up, Barclays have and will drag thier feet as its not in thier interest to rush things. If you take my starting date as the 11 August, you're looking a six months from start to finish.
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