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  1. How about over FIFTY complaints? and the CMC is still trading Could this be just another idle threat from another idle regulator?
  2. For misleading advertising. This was a press release recently. How many times does anyone feel that a claims managment company should be reported before they get closed down? once? Twice? ( three times a lady-oops sorry -got carried away) How many do you think?
  3. Doesn't Barrington Whyte also charge 30% back end fee? I think Chek Whyte has got enough with £450million without charging such large back end fees.
  4. What I meant was, they have to be shown as 2 different 'loans'. The PPI cannot be added to the amount borrowed.
  5. I know of one claims company based in Blackpool thaT HAVE HAD OVER 40 COMPLAINTS against them sent to the MOJ. The result? NOTHING!!! The MOJ just want their fees and don't care about misledaing the consumer
  6. I don't have a 'beef' with any particular poster. I have an opinion on peoples integrity. Thart is my opinion and I am entitled to that. Please see my above post why I feel that it should not have been posted. If I kept it to myself, the guys address would still be up here for all to see , and maybe even could have led to CAG being sued, I don't know. But at the moment, I am not having a go, just replying to posters.
  7. What's wrong with me is he was sent confidential information. He cares not that the company who sent it ( i ASSUME) has told him it is confidential and to keep it to himself. He decides to plonk it up on the internet for all to see. If I send something to anyone and ask them to kep it confidential, I would like to think they would do just that!!! As, and when, it comes into the public domain, good- everyone can see it for themselves then.
  8. I would say that that agreement is totally unenforceable. The PPI premium and amount of credit have to be shown separately.
  9. Bloody ell!!! Why don't you first ask the company who sent it to you in confidence if it's OK with them to post it first!! **EDITED**
  10. I was having a go at the poster because he put this guys address on the internet for all the world to see. I can only assume the total embarrasment that may have caused him. It was totally irresponsible. I don't have a problem with the judgment being posted, if it hadn't been sent confidentially, and it didn't have the guys address on. Not sure I understand your first part though. I simply posted a link to the news
  11. My copy of the CCA 1974 gives s189 as definitions. Am I looking at the wrong thing? What does s189 say?
  12. So now we need a test case to determine if the precedents already set are relevant. Do we then need a test case to see if the outcome of this test case is relevant? How come the cases already proven don't stand up?
  13. What does this mean to Joe Public? Are we getting any nearer? BBC NEWS | Business | OFT narrows bank charges inquiry
  14. OK Thanks Slick Tells me that this government is powerless against the banks.
  15. Yes, He initially told me to send them what they want. I have written again last week to tell him they still will not release my money, but had no reply.
  16. Quick update: My accountant faxed a letter to them also on 7 Jan. On Monday 19/1/09 I spoke to a Rob Boyles at credit management services and he told me the cheque would be with me on Wednesday 21/1/09. On Thursday 22 January, I rang again after not having received the cheque, only to be told that the evidence was not good enough and they could not tell me when I would be receiving the cheque. I then rang back 10 mins later and spoke to Jackie Hine who then told me the cheque was waiting for signing by one of the directors and could not tell me when he will do that as he is ‘ very busy’. Too busy too spare 2 seconds to sign my cheque? My business has all but ceased trading, I have had to lay off 2 staff, and I have no income. I am now getting into serious financial difficulty. This is not because of the Global Downturn, it is because the Bank will not release my money !!!!!. They are withholding over £14,000 which is rightfully mine and I see no legal reason for them not to send it. My business is more likely to now go under unless I can get to my money. Notwithstanding the fact that my mortgage and bills will not be paid and my family will not be fed. This has caused the following problems: Personal 1 Month in arrears with my mortgage 2 months in arrears with my Council tax and now threatening to take me to court 2 months arrears with my utilities. Solicitor also threatening court action Home phone disconnected Mobile phones disconnected Bank overdraft of £1000 has been recalled because there is no money going into the account Ground rent in arrears and now the lesser has added £70 on to the debt for late payment. The debt is only £6.75 !!!!! Soon my mortgage lender will take action as will many others if I do not get this money to pay them. Business 1 Month behind with office rent- eviction threatened Business phones could be cut off any time 2 cars on contract hire have arrears on the monthly premium and will also be repossessed 2 staff have already been laid off Notwithstanding the pressure all this has out on my marriage with constant rows and worries. I cannot beleive there is no help out there for me.
  17. I finally sent them what they asked for - 262 copies of invoices! After numerous telephone calls, they finally have said today they will send me a cheque for the balance of what they owe. This will take 14 WORKING DAYS!!!! My business has now ceased trading after being refused 4 times to open another bank account. Two more people on the dole ( three with myself) and I still have to pay £100 per week to the office landlord under my agreement which ends in July 09. Thanks Nasty West for Jack all. I asked if they would be so kind as to let me have some money tomorrow as I am 2 months behind now with my mortgage and other creditors are after my skin. They have allowed me £200 - I am soooo grateful to them.
  18. No, I cannot access another penny. My personal account is empty becasue they closed the account before I realised and had no time to take anything out. Unfortunately now, my business has had to close. I cannot pay creditors and they are now threatening court action, despite sending them the reply from the MP as proof. I am sick to the bottom of my stomach. I have been through hell over the past 12 months trying to get my business back on line. After a majore struggle and many sleepless nights I managed to finally turn it round, only for the Nasty West to plunge me back down again. I now have no agenrts becasue I caanot pay them. I have had to let 2 office staff go becasue I cannot pay them. And despite what the government say about small businesses, they don't give a damn. There is no protection anywhere for us or the consumer
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