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  1. Patdavies/Dave/Davjoh - thanks you all for advice and criticism! I think the advice I was looking for most was whether getting a licence now prior to court woulr help - I guess not. I have had a provional licence for 9 years and failed the practical test twice.The insurance on the car run out 30th Oct-07 and was stopped before I could renew it. Davjoh - I admitted guilt to the police but I am not sure what you mean about the 33%. I have no past criminal record whatsoever. Any extra advice based on the above would help - I pass on my experience to other so they don't make teh same stuppid mistake. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I am not sure If anyone will ever feel sorry for me with my stupidity of driving a BMW without either o fthe above - but I could not resist it. Now it looks like I will have to pay teh price - young and foolish. I was court on sarurday mornig without full licence or insurance, my car was inpounded and I got it back yesterday after paying £153.00. I face court soon - someone adviced me that if I get my licence and insure the car, I might have a chance of not been banned. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know - please adviced me. Kind Regards Skip to the lou!
  3. ChloeJane - I made the payment yesterday, so I will send the Subject Access Request today, I spoke to them once and they gave me the Bailiffs number and hanged up the phone on me while I was asking them questions - thanks PizzaMaker - here is the sequence of events: 1. Newham Council issued the ticket £40, I disputed and it was passed on to the Parking Adjudicators, my case was declined (ticket is £80). 2. I did not receive the confirmation from the Parking Adjudicator and requested a Statutory Deleration - Unpaid Penalty charge from Northampton Court, I did not return this within the time limit and my debt was passed on to the Bailiffs. 3. The Equita Bailifs letter was posted as normal but I did not keep the envelope! I spoke to the bailiff last Friday and he said that he has been around already and could not find the car - this is a lie. The cost on the only letter of communication I had from them is £183 4.The only other time he came around was yesterday when he clamped my car front of my pregnant wife and 2 year old doughter - I had to pay £535 or he would take the car. 5. When I asked for breakdown he could not give me an answer. Thanks for your help Abi
  4. Hello to everyone, I wish that I joined this group before giving my money away to Equita! First letter from Equita received on the 20th Nov-07 (dated 12th) for £183.99 (Unpaid Penalty Charge Notice). I called Equita on the 30th Nov and they gave me the Bailifs number as the debt was forwarded to the Bailif - Mr Brown. Mr Brown said he had been around looking for teh car a week earlier - which is a lie, the car has not been moved for at least two weeks. He also agreed that I would pay half by 4th Dec and the other half by the end of that week. He had come round this morning and clamped the car while my pregnat wife and 1 year old doughter were outside teh house. After a long dispute with him over teh phone I had to pay £535 or he will take the car. There is no justification for the amount of £535 - What are the Do's and Don'ts of complaining to Equita initially? Thanks Abi
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