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  1. I'm a bit late with this reply but I got a letter offering full settlement! It was covered with the usual gumph about charges being legal and my refund is only a gesture of goodwill. But I also noticed a late payment charge on my CC this month was only £12 The deed is done and the funds have been transferred to my account. A small monetary contribution coming to this site very soon!
  2. I admit, I've dragged my feet a bit with this claim... but as of today it has been 2 months since my original request for refund letter and 4 weeks since I sent them a reminder. I spoke to customer services today who have no record of my claim although I have confirmation of delivery from Royal Mail for both letters. I have been asked to wait 7 to 10 working days while they try to locate my letters but I'm wondering if I should allow them that grace? I have only claimed for charges dating back 6 years. I understabd if I take legal action then I can claim interest as well which will add another 30% to my total but is it worth the extra hassle? Or should I just sit tight?
  3. I got an acknowledgment of my SAR request today so it's going ahead as planned. I should have my statements by 18 April if they keep their end of the bargain Quite looking forward to this actually as I only had the account for a year... I left because I felt I was being taken for a ride with their charges!
  4. Sent off my preliminary request today. It's only a wee claim so I expect it'll be resolved by the end of the month
  5. I'm ready to begin a claim with Natwest for my account which I closed in 2002. Does anyone have any experience with claiming on a closed account? Do I have to do anything different from claiming for an open account? Thanks in advanced...
  6. Hi DX, I only claimed for charges and didn't bother with the interest as I didn't want the process drawn out. I also included a statement of the charges that I was claiming for with my request for refund letter hoping that would speed up the process. Best of luck with your claim!
  7. S.A.R. request letter sent 25/10/06 Statements recieved 02/12/06 Premliminary request for refund sent 14/12/06 Generic "7 days" response to complaint recieved 21/12/06 Full refund (£950.50) recieve 03/01/07 I guess I'll get a follow up letter in the next couple of days but I am well chuffed. This is definatly a nice start to the new year. A donation is coming your way soon! Next up Natwest and First Direct...
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