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  1. Many thanks for the help and advice. I have sent the follow up letter off and we will see if that does the trick. In the meantime (do these DCA's all talk together and decide to all send letters at the same time?) I have received a letter from Thames Credit acting on behalf of Aktiv Kapital who they say have bought the interest of GE Capital/First National. They claim that their records show an outstanding amount and that any future payments should be sent to them. I do not recall ever having any credit outstanding with GE capital or First National, however the few debt pro
  2. Well its been some time since I last posted. I originally started this thread to ask for advice on some old debts (nearly 10 years old). I was given advice by a few of you saying the DCA's were just trying it on and to send the 'Statute Barred' letter. The first letter I received I sent the 'Stat Barred' letter in response and recieved a reply stating that they would not be taking any further action and that the matter is closed.(perfect result!) The next letter from Meritforce on behalf of Lowell Group, I received on 2/9/08. It was basically offering me a reduced sett
  3. What amazes me is that the courts waste their time hearing cases that they dont need to. Surely with debt cases the first question they should ask before it comes to court is when the debt relates to? If the DCA or creditor doesnt know, it should never be allowed to get close to court. I am amazed Link turned up. I think you have them on the run Rudy. If they had any documentation, they would definately have taken it with them. Even their solicitor thought they were planks. !0/10 for having the bottle to face them. I think you will hear no more. I j
  4. It might sound like a daft question but I am going to start sending some 'Statute Barred' letters from the templates section in reply to various DCA's letters that relate to debts that are 8 or 9 years old. During that 8 or 9 years I have never communicated, acknowledged or paid anything towards them so they are most definately Statute Barrred. In the letters that I receive from the DCA's they never mention how old the debts are, just the fact that they are about to take me to court, which of course they never do. As in this forum everybody always states not to ever acknowledge
  5. Thanks for all the replies. To be honest, I may owe the amounts, but they are going back 9-10 years and the debts have been sold over and over to so many DCA's that I dont recognise what any of them are. I am going to go down the route of sending the statute barred letter as and when I receive any letters in the future. Perhaps then, once I have formally advised I will not be paying, they may stop adding these searches. I need to get them to stop or it will be very difficult to obtain any future credit. I have written to the CRA's to ask their advice. Will keep yo
  6. Can I ask for some advice please? I obtained a copy of my credit file today and whilst there is no detrimental information on my credit file there are pages and pages of searches from Mackenzie Hall. Sometimes several per day. The reason they give for the search is trace, which I assume means they are trying to find me. I did have some debts about 9 years ago, which would be statute barred by now. They do write to me occasionally but I just ignore them. Is it legal for them to do these kind of searches and is there any way of me stopping them? Do lenders who sear
  7. Thats great. Many thanks to both of you. I will respond with the Statute Barred letter each time I get a letter from now on and keep you updated with my progress. One more question. About 3 years ago after a long period where I heard nothing I got a couple of letters chasing two debts from the same DCA. I didnt respond but they did add new defaults to my credit file as all of the old defaults had vanished by then. How long can they keep adding defaults to your credit file? Its all well and good going passed the 6 years Statute Barred period but if you cannot get your
  8. Firstly I would like to say that the wealth of experience on this site is second to none. I have read many threads on this forum and the knowledge is invaluable. So I would like to run my scenario past anyone willing to listen. In the mid to late 90's I was transferred with my job and whilst I already had a house the job seemed great so I purchased another house where I was working with the intention of renting my original house. To cut a long story short, I was made redundant, and had no means of paying either mortgage. The person I rented my old house to became a squatter so I receiv
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