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  1. dx first he isn't a 'friend' as you put it. He is a colleague who I see at work. Secondly I doubt it is the whole story that is why I said I did not know all of the facts. From what I know already 1) He was chased for an old account which he didn't maintain payments on. 2) He sent a letter asking for the CCA to the DCA. 3) DCA fails to provide anything, but continues to chase for payment 4) Disputes the accounts and refuses to acknowledge the debt. 5) DCA Continues to demand payment. 6) He writes back telling them until it is proven the debt belongs to him he will not enter into any further correspondence. From this point on he ignores all requests for payment. Five weeks after he sent the letter saying he will ignore them, the police show up at his home, tell him very little until he is at the police station, it was the solicitor who informed him why he was arrested, he explained to the solicitor what he had done and then advised to not answer any questions as the police was only involved as CapOne suspected fraud. Without knowing the full facts I've little to judge it myself, that is why I posted on here to see if anyone else had heard of anything similar as I certainly haven't. And I CCA'd several DCAs over the years with nothing like this ever happening.
  2. From what I understand, it is his, but is doing what many other people have done in the past on this forum, he asked them to prove the debt was his so sent a request for the credit agreement which he never got back. CapOne (Although I guess it was a DCA) continued to ask him to make a payment, he asked them to prove the debt existed and that it was his debt. I completely agree, CapOne or any one for that matter has the right to make a report to the police if it suspects fraud is committed, but and this is the but as I don't know the full facts, he only done what a lot of other folk have done and asked them to prove the debt and refused to acknowledge it until it was proven.
  3. Just to add to the above. CapOne have still yet to prove the debt belongs to him.
  4. Hi Y'all, A colleague went through the process of disputing a CapOne credit card. Refused to acknowledge the debt until proven it was his. Just been speaking with him in person and informed me he has since been arrested by the police for fraud following an investigation and a complaint made by CapOne. Now I don't know the full facts, but from what he told me he sent them the "bemused" letter that he did not acknowledge the debt, CapOne insisted it was his account. He continued to deny it until proven it was his account/debt. CapOne carried out an investigation on the basis he did not accept the debt as his. 5 weeks later he gets a visit from the local constabulary and arrested on suspicion of fraud. The police released him with no charges brought by them. He informs me that the duty solicitor advised him to make no comment throughout the interview. But that it would be highly unlikely he could claim for wrongful arrest as the police was merely acting on a report of suspected fraud. But is this another tactic CapOne is doing? - Reporting the matter to the police if the person refuses to acknowledge the debt?
  5. Spoke with bank today (who Mortgage is with). Asked them straight out about this. The advisor looked into it and said "If those defaults was NOT on your report when the mortgage was taken out then we would of offer your a better rate, but with them showing then we had to use the information available to us" I have this in writing confirmed by the advisor on headed paper and date stamped.
  6. If you are certain the OL or Cabot has not been in touch with any other instructions to pay then keep the records from the bank showing your attempted payment. They'll soon be in touch no doubt, but if they try to charge you fees or anything you have proof you tried to pay. Sit tight you never know things might get lost. If in doubt though, contact your local CAB who can offer solid advice.
  7. 9 Years later and then ask for a payment? surely it is SB by now if no payments was made?
  8. Continue to pay who you were instructed until told otherwise by the OL. It is up them to inform you otherwise (Or the administrators).
  9. As some one else mentioned, the media may publish "losingmymind of NEWADDRESS formerly of OLDADDRESS was today found guilty of ....."
  10. Unfortunately you committed a crime by your own admission. Accept what comes your way. I am not a one that condones or supports benefit fraud in any way. You claimed the benefit for what ever reason whilst running a business, maybe the business was not going to plan or what ever. But that you still continued to claim public funds. Live up to your actions. Sorry for the harsh words. But I said exactly (well almost exact) to my friend who was found guilty in similar circumstances. I still do not regret having that conversation prior to him departing us. He claimed MY taxes to use as his safety net.
  11. Not want to cause any more distress. But my mate in Newcastle did something similar (Claimed LHA & CTB) whilst running a business from home. The Newcastle Chronicle hounded him, plastered his photo all over the website and printed press. He over claimed just over £840 too. But the council went after him as he had a business and wanted to ruin him. The council the got way. Sadly he isn't with us any more.
  12. No, they'll most likely use this to the councils advantage too. Max Impact. The only the thing the courts generally accept is if it will impact the family (mainly Child(ren) and cause them issues). But running a business will not be enough. And I'd bet my bottom dollar on it the council (if they know about your business) they'll inform the media of this too.
  13. Not quite true. People have been reported in national press for £10,000 and local press for as little as £500. The DWP release the info to the press in order to make max impact so people think twice.
  14. You will be charged under the name you used when the "crime" was committed ie; whilst claiming the benefits. Sorry You can ask your solicitor to apply to the court that your details are not made public if it will harm your family or children.
  15. DX - I thought that too. However my wife holds a CCL (Small shop, offers x-mas club savings was told she needed a licence as she was retaining peoples money don't know if that is true but she applied and was granted a licence) just out of interest I contacted a CRA about access to credit files and updating data. At first not interested in the slightest until told them "we" held a CCL and it was verified. CRA sent paperwork and other information which made it quite clear that the DCA could only update on accounts which are covered by the CCA and that we would not have access to report beyond the licence. So the question must be asked, mobile phone companies etc. what licence gives them access to the CRAs for reporting and checking? - Utility company? Nope mobiles are not a utility.
  16. One was for a credit card. - I done the usual applied for paper work etc.. . failed to supply anything. I wrote a letter stating that no such debt was in existence and that no evidence had been provided to support the alleged debt. The DCA eventually conceded "OK We got it wrong" and stopped all the letters and phone calls. But the default remained. I wrote to them again this time a LBA. I received a letter 4 days latter confirming the default will be removed within 72 hours. The default was never removed, I sent a copy of the letter from the DCA to the CRA's default removed and received confirmation back from all but 1 of the CRA's. CallCredit are a little slow in responding. If the debt was not covered by the CCA then it can not be reported to the CRA's.
  17. I've recently just had two defaults removed from my report. And working on a third which is CapOne. So it is possible to get defaults removed just not very straight forward. Also the CRA's aren't the most helpful bunch either. Don't give up it is not impossible, just not easy either.
  18. Hi, I've seen this question raised many many many times on here over the years "How do I get a default removed?" - Well after some hard work I managed to get 2 defaults removed from my credit file this week and working on a third. So it is possible to get defaults removed and not just marked as SETTLED but completely removed. One company even removed the entire account. One of the defaults was on my account since 2009 and the Financial Ombudsman instructed it to be removed in a written judgement back in 2009. (This goes back to the forum post I made back then regarding a vehicle). Finally this week the finance company removed the default and showed the account clear. The second one was for a credit card I had never held. In May of 2013 I spoke with the DCA and asked them for proof, the DCA was unable to supply this information and confirmed "Your details was traced but we made a mistake" - Again default removed. The question I have now is.... because these defaults was on my credit file for all this time incorrectly, do I have any sort of claim against these companies?
  19. 12 years over stayer? Reporting since 2009... I thought Cameron was making it easier for removal of over-stayers.
  20. Also check that your "new" address is not linked to your credit record. Just because the file is updated the linked addresses may still show it.
  21. You could always ask them to revert you back to a V+ Box and remove your additional box, going back to how it was before you blagged a free TivO
  22. Interesting one this. I for one now refuse out right to spend any money at Curry's Digital or PC World. The sales staff are not to blame it is the company training package as well as targets for the staff. I once over heard a sales guy telling a couple that the "extended warranty" would cover the fridge (it was an £800 unit) and said "If after a year it breaks down, that's it, its just scrap.... This is when I had to speak up and interrupted asking what about the SOGA? Unfortunately I don't know the outcome if the couple bought it or not, as I was removed from the store.
  23. BT Can't charge for a contract that has yet to come into existence. You have (BT's wording) "up until 4pm the day before to cancel"
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