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  1. I asssume these clowns are just as bad as Lowell/Red??????
  2. Hello everyone, Could any of you let me know if you know who GBDR could possible be JBDR???? Scottish man called this morning regarding a 3rd party but wouldn't tell me who the 3rd party were.........I can only assume that they are something to do with RED/Lowell???? Any one any ideas???????????????? cheers guys.
  3. Really......are they being naughty????? I'll write a letter to Leeds Trading Standards outlining everything.....because I have had 2 Stat Demands from RED which I believe is wrong? No acknowledgement of my Satute Barred letter and this S***y letter today! Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello there guys hope you are all well? To keep you posted......just as the 14 days I gave Lowell/Red (whatever they call themselves) where nearly up! I get a letter today when saying; Dear ******** You have so far failed to respond to the Statutory Demand or entered into a re payment plan. We would like to remind you that we could shortly be in a position to present a bankruptcy petition against you. Then it goes on to explain the legal implications I could expect if I would be made bankrupt. The letter ends saying TO AVOID THIS YOU MUST CALL US IMMEDIATELY ON THE NUMBER B
  5. Did they mention the SD in the letter they have sent you?
  6. Well I've just tracked my letter and it has been delivererd. so now I just have to sit and wait for a reply from them?
  7. Hey guys, I sent my Statute- Barred letter to red yesterday morning, then the post comes yesterday, which contained another SD! Itentical to the one I received on Monday......just with a diffrent date on it.....these guys are either so stupid they don't know they have sent one once or they are really hoping that I'll call them and offer payment now they have sent me two!
  8. Great to have help and support! So glad i found this site in a moment of panic!
  9. Thanks so much for your help.....I'll add the extra lines to the letter and get it sent today....i'll keep you posted as to what happens next! thanks again everyone.
  10. Right sorry I'm a little confused now.....which letter am I sending? Should I send the Statute-Barred lettter that I got from the draft letters on this site (Letter M) or should i send one similar to the one you just posted???
  11. Can some one just clairify that a credit application, is not the credit agreement??????????????????????????????????? :confused: These documents are two totally diffrerent things? Yes???
  12. I have decided not to apply to have my SD set aside as this is admiting to them that you have received it and in my case it wsn't personally served it was sent in the post by second class post. This may be wrong but I'm not prepared to go to court at this stage......I have done what people have advise and I'm sending a Statute-Barrred letter and a requesting a copy of agreement and statment of account...It seems from reading threads on this site that they have mass mailed theses SD out in the last couple of weeks as a way of scaring people in to paying! Espcailly debts from Capital One.
  13. Do they have a time in which they have to respond to you?? I'm a little apprenasive about just sending the Statute-Barred letter incase they go ahead and petition for bankrupcy.....but I know that if I apply for CCA then its in disput and they can't petition! Is it still clased as a dispute = the statut barred letter and in all likely hood it is not quite statute barred untill Feb 08.
  14. I have decided not to acknwledge the SD as this would be admitting to red that I received it, as they would have to prove that I've received it! So I am sending letters today to ask for CCA and the statue-barred letter.....if it's not Staute barred then it will be in Feb so if I can delay the SD going ahead (which I understand they cannot petiton for bankruptcy while the debt is in dispute!) then it all should work out fine! So Fingers crossed! Thanks very much for all your help from each of you.....I'll let you know how I get on!
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