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  1. So even if moorcroft have been running the debt I should send a payment to Barclaycard? Will they not tell me to deal with there dca as they no longer have the debt, I'm unsure wether they have purchased it or are they the in house collector? Should I make a re offer to Barclaycard or just send a cheque with the account number? Thanks again everyone!
  2. I thinl i will send a cheque for what i can afford and pop a note in, if they want to take me to court for 1600 quid and they won't get anymore a month it will be an expensive exercise or would i get the costs added to the debt??
  3. I don't have all the statements now, god knows where they are, will I have to sar them again? Part of me wants to just ignore them as I'm fed up with them to be honest, I had a doorstep visit for another debt that is in dispute , I phoned him back and told him and he was thoroughly nice and said if it comes up again he will not bother. I find they always get busy in weeks before Xmas, think its to try and spoil your time. I am also tempted to send them take me to court letter, and see what they do, have used it before with some success .
  4. Thanks for advice guys, I should maybe just send my usual cheque for the normal amount, I have been kicking round the forums a while but I can't remember what charges I could claim for on a credit card account? Or shall I just ignore and see how far they will go??
  5. Just a quick question, As the run upto xmas i find these leeches get busy to try and upset people no doubt! I had an egg credit card debt which i cca'd some time ago, they did produce what seemed a valid credit agreement. I have been making payments over the last few years and it got passed over to Barclaycard. I have been short so i havent paid the last 2 months, i was paying 19.74 but now they are asking for 75 a month and should contact them as they have been trying to visit my property which isn't true. I have checked my file and this debt is no longer on my file, now Barclaycard have it would it be enforceable in court with it not being on my file? And would egg have passed on the paper work?? Moorcroft are collecting for Barclaycard, i owe 1600 quid . Many thanks. Olliepup
  6. We don't have the agreement and the loan is now finished. She did re finance the loan and changed the term so i pressume they must of re done the PPI. She didn't get any rebabte back as such as in no repayment or deduction off new loan but once the loan was up and running for a few months we cancelled the PPI. So i think they have followed it back and most of the offer is interest etc which amounts to 1800 quid on one loan and 540 quid off the other. The loan with the 1800 quid offer is the one which has the several thousand off due to rebate, so they must charge up front for PPI and as we cancelled never actually paid the full amount? We just sent a standard PPI reclaim letter as we didn't know which loan had PPI or not and originally they said we didn't. Maybe we should just be happy with what we are getting?? Thanks
  7. Hi folks, I'm enquiring on behalf of my wife, we wrote to egg 6 months ago and they said we had no PPI. We were going through some statements and found that there was PPI and wrote again. It seems that Canada Square Operations are looking after this now and acknowledged that PPI was taken out. The thing is she did cancel the PPI before the end of the PPI term. The offer has come as follows. Total PPI premiums which you have paid £xxxx PLus interest on premiums paid £ xxxx Plus 8% interest £xxxx Sub total £xxxx The Sub total is quite a healthy sum but the next line reads as follows Less any previous rebate paid £xxxx Now this reduces the total by quite alot, the thing is she has received any previous rebates or had any money back when she re structured the loan a few years back. Is it the case of the total premiums paid is the total amount of the policy if you were to full fill the whole term of payments? And the said rebate was the amount left of unpaid payments as she cancelled it early and never did the full term. The offer that is left is quite good, is it worth trying to get the rebate back as it is worded ' premiums which you have paid' or is it just the case of how the policies work that i outlined above?? Also does anyone have a phone number to contact them as it seems strictly writing as i can't find a number anywhere. Many Thanks in advance. Olliepup.
  8. The debt is prob 5 or 6 years old, i've been paying it for nearly 3 years, irwin mitchell sols are holding it, there is 600 quid outstanding on the debt but the offset for ppi premiums is about 1300 quid, so if they do offset they said i will get some back, sound ok? Only letters i get are statements from NW on the account.
  9. Sorry as usual i was asking two questions in one, i have since phoned Natwest to confirm why i have only received interest payments on that claim and as you say the rest has been used to offset, good news is it will clear the debt and i should get some back! So with the new first direct claim it won't arouse them to start pursuing me again? it is off the file and prob 6 years old, so if they get a payment from the PPI it won't mean i have admitted liability by a payment going onto the account? And Bank Smart, are they just canvessing for business? Things could be looking up. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I recently made a PPI claim, on a old Natwest loan, the said the owed me XXXX number made up of interest and payments, up till now i have had interest paid but none of the payments? Since then i have been written to by 'Bank Smart' saying i took a loan with First Direct, which i did and it has insurance, i pressume they are canvassing for work and will charge me a princely sum for doing so? Thing is this was with First Direct and when i got into financial trouble i CCA'd them and they had no paperwork so they stopped pursuing and removed it from my credit file, this was sometime ago. If i go for a claim on this would i be re opening a can of worms? i think it would be statute barred now anyway. Any advice would be welcomed. Ollie pup
  11. Hi, i have been in a similar position to you, as Bazooka said to me go quiet and don't bother contacting them. I have not contacted anyone for months, i get similar letters from various DCA's and then they go quiet again. Just sit tight and ignore. Olliepup
  12. Cheers cat! Had the door step collection letter today, i'll just ignore but it gives the wife the jitters, but like you say if they thought they would secure in court they would by now!? Olliepup
  13. Cheers dx your prob right, just looking for reasurrance really as i'd not heard of these so called solicitors and sometimes wobbles me when i see the word SOLICITORS, im sure there are many others like it. I better just man up
  14. Hi again, Im sure im right thread, the original mint card debt, anyway Wescot are supposedly passing this over to Nelson Guest & Partners solicitors. Has anyone had any dealings? Are they in house? It says whilst wescot is still willing to consider realistic options for repayment based on my circumstances this matter cannot remain outstanding any longer. Unless full payment is made or plan agreed within 10 days firther recovery activity will be undertaken. Then suggests i could pay by credit card! as if i've got one of those! Phishing trip or are these lot realistic? Many thanks Olliepup
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