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  1. Ok I got a car finance agreement with Blackhorse. I have been out of work for a year and been on half payments for 9 months i paid around £2k of the agreement or more amount is around £9k. I am on jobseekers allowance and i dont see a job coming for me in my area any time soon. I am thinking of going to Canada as a few friends of mine are have said they spoke to their boss over there and they would get me an interview. What sort of advise can u give me about this finance agreement. The car is keeping me here and I cant go elsewhere because of it. I need help I want a life at this stage can anyone offer me advise.

  2. I am 29 years old and have just finished university. The issue is I am looking for a job but have a part time job working 20 hours a week and get £650 per month for doing the job. I have tried to find out if I am eligible for housing benefit as I dont wish to go on the dole whist I can be earning my own money. I have called my local council but they wont tell me if I am eligible without going in to them. Does anyone know how much a person can earn in order to be eligible for housing benefit?

  3. I have an issue with call credit. I signed up for their 12 pounds credit report for 3 months and was only able to access the report once. I tried to sign into their website near the end of the months but it said something about my account not been accessible and looked like my membership was no longer active. They then charged me another £12 last week I contacted them telling them that I tried to login to cancel my membership but was unable to get in to do so but they say I should have logged in before it was due for renewal. They have not provided any service anyone know how to get a refund?

  4. as far a mbna are concered they are the devil incarnate. they have absoulty no morals and they seem to think they can get away with breaking the law. I was in a simluar situation to the second poster but i was going through a complaint with the ombudsman about them when they sold my debt to link. they got very badly repramanded for doing so by the ombudsman as the account was well and truly in dispute with ombudsman and mbna.


    I would if I were you send a cca request to AIC as it might be the only way to get mbna to take the account back. that is what i did and it tured out and i knew well that i never singed a cca so mbna were goosed.

  5. well i think they dont have a chance at collecting this one personally the info will not appear on your UK credit file and as others have said it will have no bearing on your application for citizenship. Most of the trash dca's come up with is untrue I doubt they have any legal basis to take your South African passport away. DCA's are full of hot air and most of what they tell you is a lie. I have seen off Aktiv Kapital, Lowell, Red AKA Lowell again, Intrum Justitia and Global Debt Collectors all were saying they will do this that and the other and not one of them had any legal power or basis to do anything in the case of Aktiv and Lowell and Red they were for debts that were not even mine just someone with the same name born in the same year but different date of actual birth. Don't panic is the main thing I paniced at first and made a good few mistakes I know know better you have come to a good place for help.

  6. They had 7 days to comply with your request, you should now be thinking of send them a 7 day letter before action, then starting a small claim to enforce your legal right to see your data.


    An email to the head man would help too.


    I have the email addy of the director responsible. I'll dig it for for you later


    i noomill060 do you have that email address 4 days ago they said they would send another and yet they have not sent me a thing.


    Does anyone have a template for a 7 days before action this thing is costing me every month now as its a dispute with a bank that says thee is adverse info on my experian file but i still have not seen my report i did see it before xmas and there was nothing there i need a hard copy to send to them and the clock is ticking

  7. I went to a car dealer on Saturday and looked at a car. I then spoke to the finance manager who said he would check to see if I could get it on finance which he said I could. I then done the forms and that was that. He informed me i could cancel within 14 days if i so wished but never gave me a copy of the credit agreement. I then decided not to go with the car so on the Tuesday and sent them an email saying I did not want it. Today Thursday I got a call from the dealer asking me when I was coming to collect the car I informed them of my email they said they didn't get it. I then told them over the phone that I didn't want it and put me trough to the finance manager who then said I could not cancel when I then reminded him of what he had told me on Saturday. He said he would ring me back as he needed to do something. He didn't call me back I spoke to a solicitor who said I should be able to cancel within 5 working days as it was not signed at the finance companies office.


    Can anyone offer any advice?

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