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  1. Thanks dx but my issue is not the £12 charge its they are trying to charge vat of £28.69 on a book that costs £11 and is under the £34 gift allowance so neither are revilant
  2. So 2 days ago my misses got a letter from Fedex saying she owes £40.69 £12 of it is a charge from fedex themselves the rest they claim is customs duty. Her sister who lives in the USA sent her a book from a company over there the book cost $14.99 which is around £11 our money. From reading it would seem that my misses can received a gift from outside the EU and not pay any duty on it so long as the item is less than £34.99. Yet fedex insist its worth higher value $27.99 and claiming an individual didn't send it the documents show the importers name as her sisters name. Fedex will not back down on this By my calculation even if duty was due on this which it shouldn't be it would only come to around £2. It seems fedex is trying to get away with daylight robbery and charging 4 times what the book cost. She has the book the invoice arrived after it was delivered.
  3. Yeah I guess its not that I wont pay, I want to pay the correct figure and not have to fight for a refund after
  4. So I am having issues with my local council and need a bit of advise here. My misses is a student full time and she took out a lease starting from 01/06/17 she didnt live in the property during the summer and paid a summer retainer which is common in student places. Roll forward to 01/09/17 and she and I moved in. I tried to claim jobseekers but got refused as I am an ex pat who came back to the UK and they said the job centre said I needed to be back 3 months in the common travel area before they would do anything. We were in Ireland in July staying with family. So I had to wait until mid October to get anything out of the job centre. I applied for housing benefit as the council said they would help with my bit of the rent. But they only paid me from mid October when the jobseekers got paid. On the 20/11/17 I started a new job which I was delighted. Then in January I got a bill for council tax in both my wife's name and mine. We then applied for the 25% discount as shes a full time student and doesn't have to pay. They appied the discount and issued a new bill in my name only. I have problems now as I am being billed for time when I did not live in this place. I even have a letter from the landlord proving it. They have billed me from 01/06/2017 the tenancy is not in my name its in my other half's. I don't think I should have to pay for the time I was out of work or the time I was not living here. I wrote to the council about this but am yet to hear back I have told them I wont pay until this is sorted out. Can someone give me some advise please on what I should do?
  5. Sorry to dig up an old thread. I have been watching this show lately on youtube. What strikes me is the guy on it who keeps introducing himself "Im from the High Court" Im thinking to myself every time i see him say it no your not. You misrepresenting yourself there. You work for High Court Solutions Ltd a private company not HM Courts. I could be wrong here maybe someone can weigh in on this
  6. You spoke to them on the phone? Make sure to get everything in writing.
  7. So if your saying its more than 6 years then it wont be on your credit file. This is Statue Barred and they are just chancing their arm hoping to get a payment out of something which they are not legally entitled to do so. Send them the statue barred letter from the templates library. These clowns tried this on me but for a debt I had paid off
  8. oooo i would love to see MH taken to court subbing
  9. just file it and igore it they are fishing. its just the automated theatogam doing what it does sending out meaningless rubbish if you look it says we MAY means we wont really as we dont have a chance in hell but please please pay us
  10. I would wait and see what they come back with no point wasting £10 when u don't have to
  11. You need to see what barclays have you on. Send them an SAR you need the facts so you can fight this
  12. do steps 1 and 2 also maybe complain to the ombudsman too an FSA complaint costs them money and they wont like that
  13. personally id still ignore them they use words like WE MAY etc which really means nothing has she checked expeian, call credit and eqifax to see if theres anything about this debt on them?
  14. how old is the debt and when did you last pay it?
  15. i would not just check experian there are 2 other credit refrecing agencies where they could have posted thier grubbly little details make sure yo check call credit and equifax as well if nothing is on them 2 then your all clear
  16. firstly you say you checked experian however LLoyds dont use experian they use Call Credit as thier credit referencing agency I would also check equifax as well and see who owns the debt. You need to check all 3 to find out where you stand
  17. you know this is why i hate the credit referencing agencies any muppet origination can place what ever they like there and once they do its hard as hell to get that information removed. Do as the 2 previous posters said to do.
  18. i fit all these boxes so i know what i am doing
  19. i did my research i can apply for a dro outside the uk if i left within the last 3 years and btw i went home to my dad he paid my ticket i just want to sort my debts out i have no income
  20. I am just wondering if anyone knows how to get a Debt Relief Order if you no longer live in the UK. I have moved outside the UK and EU to find work and I would like to get a DRO to get rid of my UK debts which are around 5k anyone know how? I tried baines and earst but they said oh you don't live in the UK so we cant help you. I checked the rules for the DRO and I qualify for it.
  21. well didn't they already say that they would not phone you? if so you have that in writing and they are now in breach I would open a complaint with the FOS and OFT. These muppets cant get anything right
  22. well its statue barred so it should fall off soon if Mukhall has updated thier records
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