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  1. you know how to deal with PPC when you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. When you are not the RK the normally strategy of just ignore because its not enforceable does not work. My method was also less stressful, of having debt collectors and made up solicitors writing threatening letters which can go on for over a year, this was dealt with within a week. more than one way to string a cat
  2. just for the record that is not the name of the person I wrote too
  3. the PPC was JAS parking solutions, and yes I had written confirmation from both Staples head office and from JAS that the charge had been cancelled On your point about spending more time than need to, I need to point out that my vehicle is a lease car, and when I spoke to the leasing company, they informed me that any parking charges they received whether from a council or a PPC they would pay, and then pass the charge on with an admin fee. Therefore I could not adopt the usual strategy promoted on these forums of just ignore, which I would have done had I personally been the registered keeper of the vehicle.
  4. Recently on a visit to the Staples in Ipswich, I came out to discover I had a parking ticket. As I was running late I didn't have time to go back in the store to dispute this, so returned some hours later to dispute it with the manager there. He was a very unhelpful individual, and said I must have broken some of the T&Cs. I wrote to Staples customer service department, who although very prompt in their reply, said the car park was managed by a parking company and nothing to do with them. I wrote back several times to the customer service team saying it needed to be escalated higher up in the organisation, but got very polite I'm sorry there's nothing we can do replies. I found out who the director for the UK staples was and emailed him directly. Although I never got a reply from him, out of the blue I got another email from customer services saying that they will be contacting the parking company to get the ticket overturned. I don't want to post his name or email in a public forum, but contact me directly if you need to adopt the same approach.
  5. I cancelled my Equifax subscription in June 2013, however it appears now that it was not cancelled but transferred to a different subscription for which there was a 12 month free trial after which a monthly charge of £2.99. I only discovered this when checking my statement, and saw the charge. I rang up and cancelled immediately however they had already taken a 2nd month change. I ask for a refund as it was never explained to me that there was a 12 month trial and £2.99 monthly charge after, and they have mis-sold a product. Initially they have refused my request for a refund of £5.98. Should I contact my bank saying they have taken unauthorised payments?
  6. As the original poster of this thread I thought it would be good to let everyone know the outcome of this one. After many months of harassment by MET parking services, under different guises including debt collection agencies and even solicitors that didn't actually exist and many letters of threat, and even phone calls to my house, I ignored the lot of them. Eventually they just gave up and went away, presumably had fresh meat to chase. Many thanks to all the good advice given by all, and can count this as another success.
  7. Someone mentioned to me that I have been given the wrong contravention code and that it should be 19u and not 12u. Any thoughts on this one?
  8. I have uploaded all the files for viewing to my dropbox which can be accessed by the following link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30ay5qiynaugl9p/AADand9mVR4yeqIcMqQrbbT7a On 02/05/14 I drove northbound up Southampton Row, and turned left into Bloomsbury Place WC1, and saw a parking place directly on the left hand side. Upon parking the view from my windscreen was a P&D payment box, and next to it a sign. I sat in my car and made payment by phone, following instructions on the sign I was looking at. Upon returning I didn’t even notice I had been given a ticket, was only about half hour later when using my windscreen wipers that I notice the yellow packet sweep across my screen. I my files you can see the Ringo payment, and from the photos I took on going back to the scene, I would have been parked where the black jeep is behind the white car. In the pictures taken by Camden council, yes you can see I am parked in what appears to be a residents bay, however this was not seen from the angle of the driver only the P&D sign next to the tree. There is nothing on that sign to indicate that only the one single bay to the right of the sign was in fact a pay & display bay, but the one to the left was not. I made an initial appeal against the PCN which has been rejected, a copy of their email is included in the files. What puts a further spanner in the works in this particular case is that this is a company car, with the car owned by Alphabet leasing. Their policy when they receive a Notice to Owner is they will pay the charge, and then re-invoice my company + a nice admin charge, then someone will chase me for the full amount. In my experience once a PCN is paid you lose your right to appeal. So not sure how to go about this further complication. So bit of advice would be welcome, if you think I do have a case worth appealing let me know, but again if I have been caught fair and square and is a lack of judgement on my part, also let me know and I’ll just pay learn by experience.
  9. You cannot get a tax refund unless you are registered keeper which auction house were not
  10. The dealer had purchased it through an auction who dispose of any tax discs in vehicles
  11. Have recently bought a new vehicle from a dealer, there was no tax with the car, but dealer said it is taxed until the end of July, and when checking on the direct.gov website it shows the vehicle as being taxed until end of July. Is it possible to get a duplicate tax disc? Have already attempted but they refused saying I was not registered keeper, but I will be when get the new V5C but this can take a while to be processed. Seems like DVLA want extra money for a vehicle that has already been taxed. Any ideas?
  12. a very interesting post and Marincor you have certainly got balls of steel, i love a fight but i wouldnt have had the guts to fight this one.
  13. case went to adjucidactor and i won, details will follow shortly, if anyone is fighting a PCN on this junction please contact me directly
  14. I recently got a PCN for entering and stopping in a yellow box junction. Please take a look at the pics below, the box junction is so faded you can hardly see it on approach, and on closer inspection one of the corners is completely missing where roadworks have been done but they have not repainted the yellow box. Therefore is this box junction enforcable?
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