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  1. hello again angelsmile The first payment you made is such a large amount it is hard to see how Barclays or anyone else could reasonably assume it is anything but a deposit. I would try and find the documentation, and definitely get your solicitor to write a letter to Barclays. The HPI register alert is only there to flag up the vehicle if you try to raise finance against it or you try and sell it and someone checks on the register. Barclays do hold title to the vehicles so in theory can register them as stolen.... BUT here's the kicker. Go to your local police station tomorrow,
  2. hello again your contract takes precedent over the administration of the company and barclays. You either need to be bought out or run the contracts length. Barclays do want to cut their losses and liquidate the vehicles immediately as it draws a line under the matter, but you still cannot be bullied around. I would recommend going to a solicitor and asking them to write a letter on your behalf, will cost around £100 but will be money well spent if you get to keep the vehicles.
  3. Originally Posted by tomtubby MAL. This is serious because although the levy is against a car not owned by you, you would have been charged a "levy fee" and possibly also an "attending to remove" fee as well. The bailiff i allowed to assume that goods are yours and the onus of proof is on YOU to prove otherwise. This requires a Statutory Declaration to be signed. TT - surely the bailiff has to be reasonably certain that the goods do belong to the debtor - otherwise they could willy nilly put registration details down on paperwork? Although the ownership of vehicles c
  4. Hello CPS Write the letter to Newlyns about the fees and include the following: 1) Request times and dates that previous visits were made. Ask for the name of the bailiff, the court where he obtained his certificate, and any evidence that he actually visited. This could be a print out from his GPS tracker (some of the vans are fitted), a written statement from the bailiff, or any other corroberating evidence. 2) Request the dates that the letters advising you of the debt were sent, and the addresses they were sent to. 3) Request a copy of the screen printout of your account history
  5. Hello again sounds about right. Barclays will now know the rental firm is in administration and under their finance agreement with the rental firm they are entitled to end their finance agreement and recover the vehicles. HOWEVER as previously stated the contract you made with the hire firm still stands and either needs to be honoured, or you need to be bought out - ie have your deposit returned. Now you know who you are dealing with contact both the administrator and Barclays and explain your situation. You'll need to fax both copies of the lease agreement, and put a covering lette
  6. Hello Angelsmile this is happening more frequently than you would imagine - car and van rental is a risky business! Your situation and outcomes is one of two scenarios: 1) You have signed a flexible leasing agreement with the hire company, detailing the two year payment plan and the deposit amounts etc. The document must conform to the Road Traffic Act to actually be legal (Most hire agreements are only available up to a limit of 180 days, yours must state it is for a longer period). You are more likely to have entered into a flexible lease if you have taken out your own insurance
  7. Hello again GBI Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It's disgusting what you have experienced. I'm not suprised the bailiff was apologetic and sorry when he saw you - he knew he was in wrong both morally and legally! Even if it is his new job he would have been trained and should have a decent moral compass in any case. My complaint is still proceeding and I should shortly have a hearing date. Newlyn have filed a statement denying the claims, ie. that they have attended etc but they haven't provided any evidence, such as statements from the individual bailiffs or GPS track
  8. Hello GBI Newlyn are terrible at inflating their fees. Its good that you got the Stat-Dec lodged, because as soon as that is received by the TEC then the warrant is automatically suspended. The bailiff returning to clamp your car is grounds for you to complain against him personally using the Form 4 procedure, as he has levied illegally (ie. without the power of a warrant behind him). My hearing against the directors of Newlyn is currently at Northampton County Court at the listings department, waiting for a hearing date to be arranged. I'm guessing with the current backlog the hear
  9. Yes I've kept all the letters and envelopes, what has been really frustrating is the fact that Newlyn won't disclose the name of the person who actually visited - presumably because no one did. Has anyone got any experience of taking Newlyn to court over phantom visits and having fees refunded for non-existant visits etc?
  10. I have just lodged a complaint in Northampton County Court through the Form 4 procedure against the bailiff director for Newlyn PLC. I have been receiving letters demanding payment for three PCN's, all signed for by the director himself. On each occasion the fees are rising, from £168 to £330+ to £560+. When phoning the company, they state the fees are for visits, van fees, levying distress etc. I work from home, where the letters are addressed to, and have not been visited on the dates and times Newlyn claim to have attended. I have formally requested the names of the attend
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