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  1. Ccs enforcement services are now owned and run by rundle and co bailiffs also known as birchalls.
  2. In theory you could charge it back as a fraudulent transaction and deny ever undertaking it.
  3. Karen i would personally pay this and then argue the toss with drakes as because you have let to many a details out this can be used agaisnt you and you can now easily be done for perjury should you decide to do a late stat dec.
  4. It is official then. Chloejane is in with a moderator hence when she spouts so much rubbish nothing is done about it.
  5. Chloejane aka bailiffwatchdog again !!!
  6. the person you are referring to is chloe jane. Aka allison laughton.
  7. Mine is with all of the dca's bailiffs,solicitors, councils, parking attendants, anybody who has got anything to do with enforcement of debts. Shame on you.
  8. I would have thought it was a tesco value offre. Buy £1 worth and get 1 point.
  9. Is jbw enforcement limited in financial trouble ? Reason i am asking is because their website has been down for 3 days. http://www.jbw.co.uk Only reason i am interested in it is because of the programme on bbc1.
  10. I think this thread has run its course. Can a moderator close this ?
  11. You should also have recieved a n224 fill this in and return it to tec.
  12. Give us all a break. So what you are saying is that you want to be with someone else but at the same time your partners parents are putting up money for you to fight a deadender case ? That is called um ???????
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